Addicted to… (and its not love)

27 Jul
You know when you play a new song over and over?

Well lately the same has been happening with food for me… don’t ask me why, its just weird… lately I been craving the strangest combinations. And no, I’m NOT PREGNANT – (Tom, just shouted that out from the other room).

Item one

Nutty, nutty

nuts! nuts!

OMG, seriously have you tried this stuff? I love nuts, all kinds of nuts (the eating kind – the other drives me… well, *cough* NUTS).  Anyway, were was I? Oh yeah, how I lovvveee these bar.  Being a huge peanut eater, it was a matter of time before, I ran into these things. They are crunchy and sort of soft and the one that has the “Double Peanut” is just yumylicious.  I can have all of the 6 bars that come in one box – I need to pace myself.

Then we come to this:

Come to mama!

Come to mama!

Moros y Cristianos, or simply Mores, Moro, Congri or Arros Moro. Which is Cuba’s version of the rice and beans combination found throughout the Caribbean and in Brazil. The cooking of moros generally involves cooking black beans in a good amount of water, and then cooking the rice in some of the water (soup) of the beans in another dish. The rice may also be cooked separately with beans simply served alongside or on top of the rice, although this is not the dish moros y cristianos. Onions, garlic, bell pepper, oregano and bay (laurel) leaf are common flavorings for this dish, generally cooked as a sofrito beforehand.

The next craving:



They are caramels, soft, chewy and rich. Hello! Can we ask for anything more? Yeah, for every supermarket to carry them, which unfortunately its not the case, I only find them at the Publix by my office and when I buy them I buy them in bulk, which trust me I get plenty of weird stares, since we are topping the 3-4 pound mark.

Let’s not forget this little number:

brrrrr, cold but sooo good

brrrrr, cold but sooo good

It’s creamy, not too sweet, and it reminds me of ice cream churn the old fashion way, with rock salt, ice and lots of labor. Now all it takes is a walk down the supermarket isled and plucking the five bucks it cost.

I’m also eating tons of these:

Its fruit

Its fruit!

It’s a fruit! What the hell? Because when it comes to fruits I’m the pickiest person there is. So, this craving has me (and Tom) at a total lost.

And because it would not be complete, this is my most self-controlled craving of the bunch:

Hello Lovverrrrr

Hello Lovverrrrr

Dark Chocolate, Hazelnuts, delicate flavors, with hidden time tested words of love in 4 different languages in the inside… Do I need to TELL YOU MORE?

I did not think so.  The only reason its so self controlled its because they are super hard to find around these parts, I will have to ordered them online or drive a distance to find them in the italian market, and its still no guarantee that they will have them. 

So there you have it, those are the foods that I’m stuck with … I’m surprise that I have not ballooned to 100 pounds, because seriously this has got to STOP.


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