Decorating Frenzy coming up

28 Jul

In 2 days, I will have my personal decorating team (my friends) arrive from different corners of the country to help me polish up the new house. 

Code Word: BEAUTIFY!

I’m super excited, not only because I will see my NYBoys and BFF, which of course will only mean, lots of wine, margaritas, food, laughter, teasing, practical jokes and all that jazz that getting together with your core friends will incur. But I truly foresee, lots of furniture moving/re-positioning, friendly disagreements, color palate discussions, hard work, shopping! Organizing!, painting!, hanging stuff up!, and all the jazz that a quick house facelift will need.

Did I mention I’m SUPER excited?

But the really plus of all of this? I’m taking TWO vacations days off work.  Meaning that I’m not going to be a work for TWO FREAKING WHOLE DAYS.  Instead I will be with my buddies, doing all I mentioned above plus LOTS OF DRINKING and that is WAY better than sitting at my office desk, doing spreadsheets.

Can we please do a happy dance around the room… yes – thank you.


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