Is it over yet?

13 Aug

Just finished being audited at work

It went well

I have 1 1/2  hour to go for this day to just be OVER

I’m dreading the drive home

Because is so freaking hot, and the AC in the car is broken

Tomorrow is the last day at work, before I have a full week of mandatory vacation

Just my luck, the NHC, (National Hurricane Center) just announced they are tracking a Tropical Depression and a Tropical Storm – Guillermo, which is “approaching hurricane strength…” which I just realized its in the pacific, the started to track a formation off the coast of Africa, which only means one thing… let the games begin.

So instead of the expected easy week, we are going to have a week  filled with storm advisories, weather reports every second of the day and people in supermarkets fighting for the last gallon of water and can of  fruit.

One can sum up how I’m feeling today, simply put:

Hope you all are having a better day.


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