When my life is run by Law & Order marathons, I know that I hit the lame factor way high.

1 Sep

Apparently very lame people.  Because for the past week or so, I have NOTHING… nothing to blog about. Apparently, my life has decided to take a break from the crazy …

The only think I can come up with, because I keep thinking about them…is that  I need to really take care of the messiest areas in my house right now are:

The office/Laundry room/Art Room:  It’s the only downstairs room that did not get a complete “remodeled” and I just cannot bring myself to finish the room.  My desk? I try. As God is my witness, I try. But I stack. And I fling. And I fail.

My Bedroom: Still has 3 unpacked boxes, that belong in the office downstairs, so see above.  And add that I’m just a lazy bitch right now, and the thought of taking them downstairs – WAYYY to much effort. Plus, its still in the “raw” stages (Meaning no remolded efforts are in the horizon, at least not until the Florida lotto decides to pick my NUMBER and SHOW me the MONEY) which gives me ZERO incentive to get it organized in the first place.

I have a long weekend coming up and I think I need to psych myself up and really tackled them – at least the desk!

Of course this will go down only if the TV gods don’t screw me and hit me with a Law & Order: CI marathon.

Then all bets are off.


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