Random thoughts during this morning’s commute to work

4 Sep

Seriously, how many people need Starbucks at 6AM, look at that line – JESUS.

Lady, the turn signal it’s THERE for a REASON – USE IT!

Should I get a doughnut today for breakfast? I feel like a sugar doughnut, yeah, sugar doughnut it is.

and a latte? Shit, does that match? Who cares I want a doughnut. I should actually eat proteins instead.. but uhh a sugar doughnut, yum!

Holy shit, I don’t have to work on Monday! Thank GOD!

Why are they so many cars out and about?

Stupid yellow light!

Seriously, how many people want a doughnut this early? Could there BE MORE cars in the drive thru? Scratch the doughnut idea. What do I eat now?

Wonder is I can convince Tom for Sushi tonight?

Its pay day!

Remember to pay the rent today, better write that down.

Oh-oh, let the ambulance pass. – Bummer, to whoever needs the ambulance today.

Ohhh, I love this song!

I have to go to the Apple store this weekend

Damn the Powerball jackpot is at 45 million – need to buy ticket and have Tom buy a ticket, let me text him right now to remind him.

What would I do with 45 million? QUIT MY JOB!

Honestly, why do I have to be at work today?

Oh yeah, to PAID THE RENT!

Shit, I need the 45 million!

And a fucking vacation!

Wow, its 79 degrees outside, already? Its not even 7AM! It’s going to be a hot day.

I’m at work ALREADY?


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