The one where my DVR is going to EXPLODE

10 Sep

So the new season of MUST SEE TV is starting next week. In the coming weeks, while I paired down on the must see and the “trash it” pile, my DVR memory is going to go into major burden.

I love my DVR, in fact, I find myself watching LESS TV because of the DVR. The show is recording, and I get to watch it when I HAVE THE TIME. Tom likes to watch TV on the spot (he still stuck in the 80’s people, what can I say, the man does not like to embrace and cuddle the technology train).

Here is my list of the NEW shows that I plan to give a shot at:

Community – It has the guy from The Soup, which makes me pee in my pants and hello! People how can anyone in the right mind pass up Chevy Chase! HOW?

The Good Wife – involving a corrupt politician getting caught with his pants down. Can I say more? Yes I can, it has Julianna Margulies, which was my favorite back in the ER days… And Chris Noth, who I’m sorry but, Mr. Big… is Mr. Big! (Even if he is playing a dirty politician). I have high hopes for this one.

Cougar Town – I love Courteney Cox, Loved her in Friends (god I miss that show) and loved her in her short lived FX show “Dirt”. I got a feeling that I’m going to love her here too.

FlashForward – while the show seems like desperate attempt to recreate the Lost phenomenon, with lots of intricate details that should keep us guessing and re-watching episodes. But aside from that, it has an interesting premise: the entire human race suffers a blackout for two simultaneous minutes, during which each person gets a glimpse of their future. And who would not watch it with Joseph Fiennes – yummy.

Eastwick – I love the movie, (but then I have secret crush on Jack Nicholson) which means that I have to give it a chance. Plus, it has witches people; I had enough of the vampires.

The returning shows that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT and I’m so waiting for them to start: Fringe, the CSI (except Miami, I still cannot stand HIM) line up, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters (yeah, I know, be quiet now), Survivor, Top Chef, Project Runaway, The Amazing Race (because I need to keep reality TV in my life just to keep me “in” balance), The Mentalist (Simon Baker, I could eat you up!), Medium, House, HIMYM (and if you don’t know what that stands for, then you are dead to me), Lost (because we need to continue to figure out this puzzle). There are more, but I just realized that I may be giving you the impression that all I do in my life is watch TV.  Which totally not true!

And nobody in the audience better NOT be yelling LIER!


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