Viva but, a bit freaky

16 Sep

I’m still alive, very, very tired, but alive.

This past weekend I had terrible chest pains while shopping with the mother in Macy’s (and it was not because I was looking at the price of those shoes). It suddenly struck me and took me down for the count. I ended up sitting, clutching my chest, and looking every bit of taking a major shit, among the bras and panties department – NOT the shopping trip my mother had envision.

After breathing deeply and having her drive me home, the whole thing went away. But not my apprehension that something is wrong with me. You know on the “INSIDE” (I’m totally doing the air quotes, so you know how serious this is).

Let me tell you when it comes to my health, I’m a bit of a drama queen (ok, most of the time I’m a drama queen – SHUT UP!). For the most part I’m pretty healthy, always been. But when I do get sick, it usually turns out to be something x-filying (totally just made that up!). It cannot be something normal; it has to be something totally wild and OUT THERE – because apparently that is how my body rolls.

About 12 years ago (has it been that long – DAMN). I was schedule for surgery to take out some fibroids that my OBGY had found after a routine sonogram. It turned out, that while she was opening me up, OPPS! it was NOT some fibroids, but a tumor, above the uterus. They called in a internal surgeon, who took out the tumor, as well as part of my lower intestine and a 30 minute surgery turned into a 5 hour OR experience for my family while I was in anesthesia land – GOOD TIMES!. I ended up in the hospital for 6 days and was place under the watchful eye of an oncology doctor, for a year. Because, while the tumor looked benign, cancer was a powerful visitor in my family and you know they wanted to make sure it was not that while the pathology department came back with the final verdict.

And after 6 months, the results from the NTGPS came back that the tumor was really a form of a Dermoid Cysts.  Some people call it “absorbed Twins”, presumably because it’s freakier and makes a better story. “Wow, it would have been another person, and it’s been trapped in me all along” is just cooler than “some of my cells were displaced while I was a fetus.”

See totally freakier!

Anyways, after that I had 2 more surgeries and everything has gone smoothly.  The last one was about 2 years ago and it was to remove my gallbladder.

The pain that I had this past Saturday was totally similar to the pain I experience before the doctor rule it was stones in the gallbladder and needed to be removed. So see, why this episode is keeping me awake at night??? If it’s not the gallbladder, because you know that’s NOT THERE ANYMORE, then what the hell is it? What’s inside of me, ticking away in there? What? What? (told you, total drama!)

I have a doctor’s appointment next week, because frankly being freaky it’s just exhausting.


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