After all that it turned out to be and APE, not a Monkey

22 Oct

So, you all know that last month I was basically dragging my ass all around.  Speaking like a robot and sustaining myself with will power, because my body, well my treacherous body was retaliating and decided to make me go crazy for a bit.

A decided to fix this bit of inconvenience with a couple of doctor’s visit to zap it into shape and stop the funny business of fucking around with my moods. A bunch of test later and it turned out that the birth control pills I been using were the culprit here. My doctor told me to stop taking it immediately and that he will see me in 6-weeks time to give me a blood work up and see where we are moving forward and to see my regular doctor.

Well, of course I ran home to check out what the hell were the side effects of what I was taking, and discovered that I was the poster girl for everything that was noted on the warning label. Weight gain – CHECK, absurd boob growth (and tender and sore) – CHECK, intense mood swings – CHECK!, Insomnia – CHECK and CHECK!

It never occurred to me that all of this was the result of taking the Pill – maybe because I never experience any of that before. I have been under a huge amount of stress at work and figure that all of that was just that, stress taking a toll on my body.

And while most of the issues were on account of the Pill, and after going off it, my moods and my side effect began to improve tremendously, my doctor did advice me that I need to find ways to work on my stress, which had nothing to do with the Pill. I’m very bad about relaxing and taking it easy and letting it ride out. I hate to go to the gym, so that is out. Using the Wii at home to work out has been a constant thought, but I just cannot bring myself to start on it. Instead, I have suckered Tom in walking the dogs as much as we can, which has worked wonders, not only for me but for the dogs as well – BONUS ALL AROUND!  I’m still eyeing the Wii… ah, maybe a bit later.

I have also gone back to doing creative things. I love solving puzzles and believe me this relaxes me to no end, the tedious work in finding the right pieces and making the picture come to life, may sound stupid, but I find it an accomplishment of sort and if it keeps my mind busy and active at the same time.

So when I stumbled across this, I was all over it like bread on butter. Paper Toys, I mean this is like a puzzle, but on a higher level, I needed to cut, and use an X-Acto  knife and GLUE! and they are cute and I can add it to my collection of totally irrelevant stuff. Plus did I mention they are cute? And they have a HUGE following and like good things in life, they’re free (Unless you count the printing costs or the hours upon hours of construction time.) But, seeing the choices of robots, spaceships, buildings and so much more online sent a little thrill through my toy-loving soul.

Then I went nuts! And downloaded a bunch of templates to do, because I need to WORK ON LOWERING MY STRESS LEVEL – Doctor’s Orders! Which is TOTALLY a valid reason to run to the nearest craft store and spend over forty bucks on stock paper, cutting mat, precision scissors, X-Acto knife, and glue.

Got back to the office and printed a bunch to get me started, then later on when I got home, I choose (what looked like) the easiest to start with  and went to town tackling my new found project.  This is what the end product should have ended up looking like:

After 1.5 hours of cutting, and folding and scoring and cussing (lots of cussing) I ended up with this:

Hello there, hot stuff!

Hello there, hot stuff!

Mind you, it’s a bit messy (need to work on getting the glue on the INSIDE of the paper and not ALL around the OUTSIDE),  and it DOES not LOOK like it should (refer to first picture) but during that time I was totally into doing this, and while there were moments that I shouted “I’m GIVE UP!” and put it down, I heard a shout from the other side of the house “Don’t, keep at it!” from my main cheerleader Tom.. I continued on.

I guess I was a bit put out on the “lack” of instructions; they were not very clear and left A LOT to the imagination.  I made the mistake to not print out what it SHOULD look like to use as a reference point but at the end I was happy with it, I know I can do a better and cleaner job on the next one.  Which will look something like this:

If this is not the cutest thing, move on.

If this is not the cutest thing, move on.

This time I downloaded the instructions, so I’m PREPARED! and after visiting a bunch of sites and read about it some more, I got some inside tips in making it look like the intended end product.  So, let’s get to folding, cutting and gluing people!


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