26 Oct

This happen about 20+ years ago, I may be a bit blurry on the actual words, but this is how I remember it:

It was a Monday, like any Monday to most people.  To me it was my first day of school in a new city, living in a new house and surrounded by new views, new people, new everything.  Back then kids walked from their houses to our designated bus stop.  I was starting junior high, and like most new kids, was shy and apprehensive about the whole “newness” of it all.  I wanted to basically hide myself and play the part of spectator, feel my way around those strangers, before I let them in.

So, I sat a way apart from the cluster of kids, looking, but trying NOT TO LOOK like the new kid.

No such luck, within a few minutes, a girl, about my age, with short, blondish hair walked up to me and without missing a beat asked me:

“Hi, you are new? What’s your name? I’m Monica and you are?”

Still not being very trustful, I sort of responded “Yes, and actually, my name is also Monica”

And she without missing a beat, “Oh, ok, I guess I need to be called by my real name, since we can’t both be named Monica”.

And that is how my BFF and I met.

We became quite inseparable all through Junior High, we lived 10 houses away from each other, we walked to the bus stop together, too many pool dates, and overnights, she was there to dish when I had my first crush with the high school kid that lived across from her house.  She was there when I was kissed for the first time.  She was there when my heart was broken for the first time, and many times afterwards. We lived together; played together, travelled together, and held each other through the lowest of lows and the highest of high and I considered nothing less than part of my family.

She is made of tough stuff and she has been my greatest champion, critic and has always had my back.  You may think that we are constantly in touch and always keeping tabs on each other.  But you are wrong.  We live in different cities and we do not talk to each other often, ( We both secretly hate to talk on the phone, so we may go on weeks without getting in touch with each other) she does have an advantage, since she reads my blog and knows what is going on with my life.  But, when we do get together is non-stop updates, laughter and numerous planning for the “next” get-together.

This past weekend I got in my car and headed southbound to Miami-land to spend a weekend together, just us.


Away we go...

It was 3 days of waking up to these views (If I’m honest, beside missing the BFF once I moved out of Miami, I do miss these kinds of views as well):


You can see the sea from here!

Lots laughter, shopping, gossip and way too many yummy martinis. (She is a whiz making drinks!).  And also lots of play time with this cutie pie:


Yes, my PJ's have frogs, don't you judge

The good news, in 2 weeks we do it all over again, this time on my side of the pond.


2 Responses to “Southbound”

  1. Mo October 29, 2009 at 8:09 pm #

    Oh ! :tears: I remember that first day. I thought u were so glamorous since u had lived in so many places. To 20 more :-).

  2. Monica October 30, 2009 at 8:09 am #

    yes to many more.. and OMG, Glamorous? I thought I was the weird kid for LIVING in so many places!

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