A new addition

4 Nov

I have decided to add a new addition to the blog.  If you are detailed oriented, you probably caught it by now.  If not, I’m not going to make you work for it.

You are all busy, people. 

Plus, I hate it when people make me guess for things.

Those that know me well, also know that one of my greatest passion (besides cake) is cooking.  I love to cook, I will be a happy camper in a kitchen cooking up a storm for everyone that wish to stop by our house. 

For a while I been wanting to create a cooking blog, but I just had not had the time, or the space or the direction in how to go about it.

In other words, I been procrastinating

But, no more!

I have added another page (see the menu on top) called “Sweet Bites”.  I will start to post once a week a favorite recipe that I have tried from my own cookbook or tried from others (cookbooks, friends, family, restaurant, magazines, etc) and modify to our taste buds over at our house (we have big eaters over here!).

I hope you enjoy it and if you have ideas to make it better and easier for you to follow along, drop me a note.

Yes, there in the comment section, because you all know how I love a comment.

First up: Picadillo


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