Practice makes perfect? Maybe not yet, but I’m now a paper ENGINEER.

5 Nov

Remember my new obsession?

And the hard time I had with it?

Well it turns out that all I needed was to search a bit around the Internet and find tips from someone that knew what they were talking about.  After Google came back with hit after hit, apparently paper toys is bigger than I previously mentioned.  I hit the mother-load and found myself  a paper engineer, who took the time to write it all down step by step and teach  to do it right.

Apparently I was using the wrong tools.  Wrong scissors, wrong glue, wrong process, wrong, wrong wrong!

Wow, I feel better already!

Hi, my name is Monica and I’m a paper ENGINEER!

Where was I? oh, uh, yeah wrong everything.  So I got with the program and returned the “wrong” stuff, go the “right” stuff and started more determine than ever that I was going to do this and they were going to come out bea-u-TIFUL!

or at least what they were meant to look like.

The paper WAS not the BOSS OF ME!

So, the goal was this:

Back at you tweet, tweet

I started cutting:

Work area – Check!

and folding, and scoring and glueing and LORDY, LORD behold the end product….

Drum roll please….

I present you with the end product

TA DA!!!!!

Back at you, you are gorgeous

Not bad eh?  I liked it so much that I built another one:

What? what?

And another one:


Yes, you are very, very sweet

I had to stop myself, I was on a roll but they are cute and boy do they relax my ass down from a long day at work.

What to do them? Go here and download the templates and be one with paper!

Or better yet a PAPER ENGINEER!


One Response to “Practice makes perfect? Maybe not yet, but I’m now a paper ENGINEER.”

  1. Mo November 5, 2009 at 10:49 am #

    Congratulations !!!! They look great.

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