Sun and Surf and a couple of 4-legged friends

9 Nov

This past weekend I worked.  Very, very hard.

Oh hell, who am I kidding.  It was a sunny, crisp Florida day, the kind that you want to lay back in a hammock and rock yourself to sleep, soaking up the rays and maybe listening to some music in the background.  If of course, you have someone who can bring you a drink even better!   But, instead I settled for the sunny, crisp day surrounded by this type of cuteness:


Yes, I want one, as soon as I get rid of the ones that I have at home

Yep, don’t you want one?

Yeah, me too.  Tom had to hold me down and make me swear that I was not bringing anything like that home.

And were was this cuteness? My sister’s company was celebrating its 2 year anniversary and well, I had to drag myself to a park, right off an island on Saturday morning to play and roll around with puppies and dogs of all breeds and sizes.  Dude, how can you say no to spending time with something like this:

White dog

Feel the breeze, the sun

Look at that face, I’m still wondering how they keep him all nice and white!

But nothing can prepare you for this  type of awesome:

funky dog

Sun and surf people, that is all you need

Yeah, that’s right people, that is how aw-some the day was, that face tells you all you need to know!

Afterward I went home to prepare for Tom’s mom birthday lunch.  Lasagna and Quesillo were the players  in the Birthday menu and I need to get going in doing some mixing and filing and baking.  If you mossy over to the Sweet Bites tab, you will find the step by step of making a Quesillo, which is made with eggs, condensed milk and dark rich caramel sauce, similar to crème caramel. ridiculous super easy dessert that will wow everyone and looks amazing.

And if you are like me and Tom, will not last past a day in your refrigerator.


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