Friends, Food, and a white naked little man

16 Nov

This past weekend we did what I love to do.

Eat, Drink and play.

Which translated having  friends over, who consumed huge amount of food and drinks and played pictionary.

Have you even drank and played Pictionary? No? Well, I highly recommended it, because drinking and pictionary equals hilarious behavior by people.

Don’t believe me?

Start planning your very own pictionary party now, and then come back here, to pat me on the back for making you (and your guest) laugh until you pee in your pants.

I love playing games, any type of games that you get to act silly and shout out stupid answers and then totally blame it on the bottle of liquor you have in your hand is totally up my alley.

This weekend we decided to go all out, invite a couple of Tom’s friends and see who could take the heat play a friendly game of pictionary.

Now, I’m going to plug a new version of pictionary here because the folks over in Mattel have taken it to another level and turned this favorite board game into a 3D Electronic experience (it was a matter of time folks). May I present you the Pictionary Man – Ta da!


Aren't you a cute little bunny?

Yes, it looks sort of basic and blah, but,  people, two words:


The rules of the games are pretty much the same.  The Pictionary “Man” which is a blank human shaped figure made of, what seems to be, a dry erase board type material.  On the bottom of the foot of the “Man” one finds an on/off switch, an LED display and two buttons (labeled 1 and 2, respectively). Once you press it, it will spit out the clue that you will need to draw.  The twist, is that you draw on the man, and use the props to convey the clues.  If one’s teammates guess the subject successfully, then the team gets a point. The first team to reach 15 points wins.

While Tom and the other couple had never played the “regular” pictionary before, they were able to pick up on this pretty fast. For me it took me a while to get the hang of it, since I was so use to doing it the old way. But, eventually I got it and it was not long before we were jumping up and getting more creative with our role playing.  Because in this game,  you role play A LOT! The need to use the props makes you become very inventive. When one of us got “Smuggler”, it was hysterical to see the interpretation using the man and one of the props.  Think about it – a man, a square and you need to translate that into “smuggler”.

It was such a great night, we are totally going to try to have them happen more often, trying out more games along the way, but for now Pictionary Man will go into rotation with other favorites.  Plus, Tom’s friend are a total blast and personally I would like to have them around more – hi guys – (We totally DIG YOU!)

As far as the food, for those wondering (Hi Mo!), it was a total hit, with numerous requests of the recipes, which I will be posting over in Sweet Bites (click your way over there) as the weeks go by, but you can get a feel of it with this visual:


Makes you want to dig in, right?

The menu was composed of Spinach Dip, Asparagus in a blanket, Chicken Quesadillas, Rajas, Bean Dip and last but not least (and a total hit) a wheel of Brie en Croute (Pastry Crust) and of course for a sweet ending a Tres Leche cake.

Hungry yet?


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