If you are a girl you will totally relate to this post, if you are boy this will be a TMI moment for you

17 Nov

You know when you think you finish your period

And you are confident that you finish it

So confident in fact that you do a little dance, get dress and go out to the world, feeling fresh and pain-free

And then, THEN somewhere during the day you start feeling, umm, how do I put this?


As in having a “oh-oh” moment

And you run to the restroom, because damn it IT.IS.FINISHED! IT IS!

And it turns out that you in FACT have not finished your period

And your sit there, cursing GOD for the fact that you are a woman and STILL have to go through these types of moments

Even at this age

Because apparently you are God cosmic joke, and he likes to remind you once in a while he still the boss of you

And you curse some more, because of COURSE the dispenser in your office restroom is out of what you need to make it a bit better

And you curse some more, and maybe give the finger to the man

Because, well you can

And now you get pissed, because you had to use your lunch hour to go to the nearest drug store to hunt down some much needed women stuff to get your through the rest of the day

Instead of sitting at your desk, doing your Christmas shopping working

Yes, it has been THAT kind of day


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