I think I’m ready to hear Things That Don’t Suck!

24 Nov

We are down to the wire.

Tomorrow we will all pile up in a car and set out for our first leg of our trip to North Carolina.

Am I ready for this?

According to everything that has been done so far by me, this trip is so planned out it’s actually a bit ridiculous.

Hotel reservations have been made, the best possible routes have been loaded on the iPhone GPS application. Schedule stops have been pre-determined and I have not one, but TWO packing list to make sure we don’t forget the most important things – like you know

… the DOGS!

Tom will be hunting down the winter clothes in the spooky nook under the stairs today and I have a couple of other things we need to gather and place by the door to load up in the car tomorrow.

So, yes, I say, we are pretty DAMN ready for this road trip.  NC here we come!


no matter how many list I have done, and reservations, and planned routes, it has not prepared me for waking up today with my head pounding, my throat sore, my ears all echo-y, my eyes watering, and my nose completely plugged up. Both nostrils. HOW IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED!?

Cue in the sound effects… (Preferably of a mad woman screaming!) NOW!

Fine, universe, way to be a douche bag.

Time for a bit of begging, because Dude!, I need you [universe] to be nice and to pat me in the back and tell me that “hey, it’s ok, you will be fine, and I will take care of you”

Seeing as I’m not the self-medicating sort, right now I’m thinking I may need a Xanax, or possibly more than one – two? three? maybe four?… You know, to make those rough edges seem smooth and manageable.  And I figure the only way I was going to come as close to taking four one xanax was to start with a healthy dose of the recomended 2 tablespoons of cold medicine this morning.


…that now I’m at work and I trying very hard to make an effort to distract myself from considering all of the many different ways I might commit suicide with a five-dollar stapler.

I think I’m ready to hear Things.That.Don’t.Suck!





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