Better late, than never

4 Dec

If you follow me in tweeter or facebook, you probably know the reason why this post is almost a week late!  I been sick, apparently North Carolina wanted to give me a present and send me back with to Florida full of germs so strong that I ended up in the ER on this past Tuesday – but that is coming on a post all by itself.

I could give you a full recap, but I’m too hike up on drugs and I don’t trust myself to write anything that will make sense, so I give you our trip in pictures!

The trip up was without any incidents.  The dogs behaved so well, that for a moment we thought they were not ours and they had switched them on us while we were not looking.

Family, at the end of the day, they mean everything

Who enjoy the trip more? They did!

Specially with all that land to run around with.  Tom and I are not looking to move there, we just have to talk to the weather faeries in order to take care of that thing called winter, plus the fact that Rufus looks PROPORTION there.


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