And its Christmas time, and birthday time and crazy time!

15 Dec

I have slacked off AGAIN with the blog, because well people its Christmas time (yes, political correctness be damn. I call it Christmas and if you don’t like it, pretend that it say’s “Holiday”, ‘k.) so we have been a bit busy trying to get our shit in order over here, and at least be prepare for the gazillions things that need to be done in the next couple of weeks.

This Christmas is a bit special, since it will be our actual official first Christmas. (yes, we had the first one last year, but it does not count) So, we decided to bite the bullet of Christmas overload and actually make an effort by decorating the bazooka out of our house. And that is what we did this past weekend…

We first bought a tree. We wanted to give our money to those Tree placed in the corner of each street, but then decided they were way to rich for our blood, so we headed to our local Home Depot to find the perfect tree.

A bit of background on the tree picking activities: I’m super anal about this step, I’m usually “that” customer has the tree attendant pull the entire tree inventory in the lot, in order to find THE tree, the one that is “the chosen one” to sit in my living room and die a slow death.

Going in, I warned Tom about this neurosis of mine And since this was the first time Tom and I were doing this, I knew I needed to keep it on the down low, as to not scare the shit out of him when I would go all postal on the tree lot.  Luckily, it took us 3 tries before we settle on a 6 footer at $29.99 CHA-CHING!

 We started with the tree:

Tree decorating 101

The final product, after I got my hands on it:

Sparkling and very, very red!

The outside was a bit more labor intensive, We then spend about 4 hours directing, pointing, getting feedback from his mother, the neighbor, the dogs and the cats, before it all came together. Lesson learned? Less is more. And the highlight? Tom got to use the electric staple gun that has been sitting pretty much unused for over a year (so there is a plus in that).

We look like the total dorks we are

In addition to the decoration prep, I’m also busy making arrangements for my upcoming birthday, which will be in 5 days. This year, I decided to give back to all of the people that put up with my crazy the other 365 days of the year – my friends and family. So, I’m planning to go all out and have a dinner birthday bash full of liquor, food and the good dinner plates and cloth napkins, I’m going ALL.OUT.

So there you have it, I been busy, busy like a bee. The next couple of weeks there will be less posting and more living… with maybe a couple of other post thrown in there to remind you that yes, I’m still alive and enjoying the fruit of my labor.


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