This past week needs only two words to describe itself.

18 Dec

So today the first of many people will be coming through our house during this coming birthday weekend bash.

First up is the BFF, who arrives today, god willing on time, because that girl has an ongoing jinx with the travel industry… every time she has to be somewhere there is a delay. And no I just did not jinx her, she does that all on her own.

True to form, today we woke up to heavy rains and looking at the weather, she is getting most of it on her side of the state, so AA, yes I’m looking at you, you better be ON TIME on your flight over tonight, because seriously, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND and you CAN’T TOUCH THAT!

Then tomorrow we have the NYBoys who will be HOPEFULLY arriving in the afternoon. And I say hopefully, because as I was writing this, I received an email giving me an update that NYC woke up to 16 degrees (DAMN IT’S COLD!) and an expected snowstorm is due to descend on their asses tomorrow. Which can mean the inevitable: they may be delayed as well.

And this folks is the reason that most of the time I curse myself for being born in December! Because, December is just INSANE.

Anyone want to disagree with me there? Yeah? No? Aha! Did not think so.

And so with the impending visits, it all boils down to a furry of activity prepping the house.  Apparently I have entered a contest called “Who can be the best host”, and hell if I’m not going to win it. (Of course all of this happens in my internal mind – which TOTALLY COUNTS!). But back to the house, we (because Tom got sucked into this madness as well) have steamed clean all of the floor carpets (not JUST vacuum, oh no, but STEAMED), bed duvets have been aired out, rooms have been scrubbed, bathrooms totally bleached out. All towels, bed lines have been laundered and iron out (I don’t even iron my work clothes!) and while I was on it, why not re-organized the linen closet – yeah, WHY THE HELL NOT!

For most folks that would be the end of that.

For me? No so fast.

Because, my inner type-A personality made an appearance (during the crazy) and whispered that more needed to be done. So, I jumped and started to make a make a list – because you guys know how much I LOVE A LIST… and now the following task have been placed on Tom’s side of the list: Change A/C filter, Hang new lamps in kitchen, Mow the lawn. And a couple of more things are in there, but to write them all, is confirming that I’m a total freak.


And for those (like the very little male readership that I have on this blog) wondering if Tom’s list if THAT full, what’s on my side of the list? Well I tell you. It’s mostly cooking dips and tarts and tantalizing appetizers. As well as desserts, side dishes and anything else I think 12 people will need to feel welcome and well feed. In addition to all the cooking frenzy, let’s not forget the buying of flowers and strings and stock paper and ironing napkins and tablecloths and making sure that Tom does not kill me in the process.  So you see I have MORE on my side of the list.

But you know what has happen during my full-on birthday-planning dervish frenzy?

I have completely forgotten that I will be turning FORTY-ONE years old in less than 72 hours!

And there are only two words to that realization: HOLY.SHIT!



One Response to “This past week needs only two words to describe itself.”

  1. system roulette January 8, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

    Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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