The ER and I are becoming fast and furious friends. And a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

25 Dec

I had it all planned out, my goal for the next 2 days was going to be easy.  Lots of TV, lots of junk food, lots  of laying about in my PJ’s, in bed with the remote control being my new found love.  It was going to be vegetation-fest wet dream.  2 days, NOTHING TO DO!  I had it covered.

And then life decided to step in and give me a good kick in the butt and yell: “SURPRISE SUCKER, it ain’t happening!”

The phone rings, I pick up and hear Tom on the other side:

“Babe, I had an accident at work, I’m on my way to the ER, I think I need stitches”

Me: what? what happen? never mind where?

And faster than you can say WTF? I was in the car, driving and wondering WTF!

I got to the hospital, and ran to the front desk, and in between gulps of breath (I need to get myself to the gym) asked where Tom was… and the response was: “He has not arrived yet”

The hell? I beat him to the hospital?

I called his ass up (thank god for cell phones) and the conversation went something like this:

Tom: yeah?

Me: where are you? I’m here and you are not?

Tom: I’m 2 lights away…

Me: Ok, who is driving you? So I know what car to look for?

Tom: I’m driving

Me: WHATTTTTTTTTT???????????????  (you can amplify this by 1000 times)

Tom: yeah, don’t

Me: you are in trouble

Tom: I figure

fade to black….

He arrived and got out of the car, white a ghost too.  And after being assess was parked into an ER room, where 3 nurses, 1 staff assistant, the cleaning lady, an 1 doctor all saw him, and told him he was crazy for driving himself.

The verdit?

He did not cut thru nerves – THANK GOD, or I will be typing this from a hospital room, instead of at home.  He did not break into any of the bone – THANK GOD, or I will be typing… oh shit, well you get it.

We were (or HE WAS) very, very lucky.  The scared only cost him stiches and 14 days of no movement on his hand. It cost me a mini heart attack and the confirmation that when in crisis, my boyfriend will most likely choose to do solid stupid things.

11 stitches later, 1 shot, 1 bottle of vicodin and 1 of antibiotics and we were sent on our way to have a very happy christmas eve.

I could post pictures (Oh yes I took pictures – that’s what the iPhone is for people, to document those stupid moments in time – don’t you judge!) but after seeing them, I decided to let your mental picture conjure up images of a mangle hand with dark, black stitches all over.

I’m totally betting you can come up with something better, than the real thing.


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