Bye Bye 2009, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

31 Dec

Today you will probably get tired of ready post after post about 2009 and everyone’s personal  take on it. For some it will be a great year (Babies! Engagements! Marriage!) for some it would have been a challenging year (Layoffs! New Jobs! Health problems!) and for hollywood a terrible year of death (Michael Jackson! Farrah Fawcett! Ted Kennedy! Britney Murphy! and many, many others).

Looking back on it, I have to categorized it as a mix of a great  with some challenges and in some cases total crap.

It started not so well, Tom got laid off work not once but twice! Then found a job, not a GREAT job but a good job that paid the bills.  I on the other hand was saved from a huge laid off wave at work, lost my favorite boss and got not one, but 3 new bosses and a pile of work on top of it.

We enjoyed a great trip to North Carolina not once but twice

We decided to move to a new home (the good!) and while it has created a few financial burdens, on the personal front we are way happier here than his previous home.  Its ours, we found it together, we moved in together, we decorated it together, it was us.

We had a bit of health issues, specifically me. And a couple of trips to the closest ER.

I got into new stuff that made me feel more creative and grateful for  new projects that will keep me out of trouble.

We both found our holiday spirit this year

But at the end of it all, 2009 and has showed me that no matter what, when it gets tough, I can still count on friends:

I know she needs to put that away!

count on family:

Strike a pose!
My soon to be in-law family

and most of all I can count on him:

Yeah, look bored baby

So, yes 2009 has been a good year, a challenged year and in some cases a shit year. And  I’m happy to see it go right out the door, never to return.

We are ready for 2010 to come and give us all it go, because we are ready to kick butt right back.

Happy New Year to all!


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