Cabs, Shopping, Shows, Cocktails, Drunk texting and Tweeting, and someone had a birthday too.

15 Jan

The past week has kicked my butt. Work has been busy, life has been busy and finally I been able to sit, to take a huge amount of air. 

Because for the past 4 days, I felt like I’m drowning. 

Let me tell you I’m so looking forward to this weekend, because for the past 3 weeks it has been non-stop. Which means, that I need to have a major chill out session to recharge and balance my shit out. 

The major event in the past week has been to fly off to NYC (to freeze my butt off) and celebrate the BFF 40th Birthday bash. 

This is her, the one on the right, the pretty one: 

Don't we look pretty? Yes we do - M and M power


I think I have posted over and over, how much I love NYC. I would move there in a heartbeat, if I could remove the winter months that is.  Even thought I totally look awesome in winter clothes: 

Very New Yorker of us

I can sum it up as the following 

The flight up amazingly was on time, with no major happenings. The taxi drive to the NYBoys house was the typical NYC Cab ride, I’m glad I had nothing to eat or I will be writing about tossing my food in the cab ride. I mean, is it really necessary to swerve around EVERYTHING while using the brakes? 

Food, man did we eat! Everywhere! And I wrote a recap about that part of the trip here 

Shopping! If you go to NYC and do not shop, call me and tell me how to do that. I bought things that I thought I did not need, until I saw them in NYC.  Somehow the same stores I have in my town look better in NYC. Anyone? Anyone? 

My friends decided it was also time to play beauty shop and colored my hair. I was going for this look: 

And I'm digging the haircut as well

and instead got this look: 

That's one of the NYBoys, looking better than me

And because we are cool, and we like dynamic music and weird imagery, we saw this show.  And we did a lot of dancing and screaming in the process, there were also a lot of finger kissing. 

Cocktails! Lots of those, at the “W” hotel in Union Square. I also may or may not have drunk tweeted and texted Tom, the verdict is still out on that one. If I COULD only REMEMBER what happen.  Specially the part where this picture was taken: 

Do I look tipsy to you?

Because I have no clue who all those people behind us are. 

During a very late brunch on Sunday, we sat a table away from this guy.  And we all looked very cool trying to figure out who his female companion was.  She was not famous, so we soon lost interest and went back to munching on amazing french fries. 

I can honestly say we did what we set out to do over the weekend: eating lots of amazing food, seeing a show, shopping for things we don’t need, spent time with friends that I would do anything for and some major star-gazing while looking very cool about it.


One Response to “Cabs, Shopping, Shows, Cocktails, Drunk texting and Tweeting, and someone had a birthday too.”

  1. Mo January 15, 2010 at 8:58 pm #

    From now on I need to approved any picture that includes me before you’re allowed to post it ! ! ! LOL

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