Light Weight

21 Jan

The past couple of weeks posting has been light around these parts mainly because my life seems to have come to a stand still. Nothing exiting to post, unless you would want to read about our dogs popping and cat’s fur balls episodes – OMG, the fur balls! And I know that you are not going to enjoy that.

Anyway, the other reason as been that I been sort of busy with this other project. Trying to get off the ground, and getting the word out there to the whole wide world.  I been enjoying it so much it has taken a front and center spot in my everyday day. Now I plan menus and recipes and then style the food and take pictures of the food. It has been exiting and it has opened a whole new world to me.  In simpler terms: IM HOOKED!

 And because the grapevine gossip at “the job” is dire and I need to start to think about how to counter act on what is sure to come. (I know I’m being a bit vague about this, but, I don’t want to be “dooced” out of my present job either. So I have to keep in the “down-low”). I need to start thinking of having a plan “B”.

The excitement I feel around food – the preparation, the cooking, and the tasting has me seriously thinking of pursuing a whole new career path.

And I know deep down it’s the time to do this.  And like anything new in my life I have to research it to death, weight on the pros and cons, make list and get the ball running. And the Internet has not disappointed me on helping me accomplish this. It has given me so much information that for the past weeks, I have spent way to much time reading, and writing and planning and making tons and tons of list. (My type A personality would like to thank you)

And that folks does not give me time to go out and make a fool of myself so I can have blogging material to post.

My life has become more boring than before. I got nothing to say. I got plenty to cook, and bake and photograph about. But, regular stuff – NADA.

So, yes, it has been light around these parts, but, I promise that it’s going to change (once I get my act together) and I’m sure that you all be waiting on the edge of your seats.


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