Don’t know what is going on, but something IS and I’m totally LOST.

4 Feb

Let’s start off by saying that today I ordered lunch from Applebee’s … shrimp and I’m regretting it. In fact the whole past week I been regretting putting any type of food in my mouth, because voila, after a bit… It comes back up.

And no, before you jump in there with the most obvious speculations, I’m not pregnant (there is a silver lining people).

But, I’m something. I don’t know what it is, and I can not point at it and say, “oh, there it is, let’s fix it!” Because, right now, I’m pretty blocked in looking at the “Big picture”… There is no big picture right now, just a tiny, itzy-bitsy black hole, with a long way light at the end.  And I’m not seeing it.

Maybe it’s the impending need to start looking for a new place to live; maybe it’s the looming changes at work (that upper management is not telling you, but that anyone with a small IQ can figure it out) or maybe it’s just that we are very tight with money and I can not let loose and go buy a starbucks frappuccino because its NOT IN THE BUDGET to do so.

All I know is that I have all of this pent up energy that I need to GET OUT NOW or go crazy mad.

Then last night I found a way to do that, because last night I sat and watch the recorded season premire of “LOST” – what you are not watching it?

Go on, move along. You are dead to me.

So, for two hours I sat there and let out grumps and shouts and did lots of finger pointing. Because seriously… This season? It was promise that we WOULD GET ANSWERS! That we WOULD UNDERSTAND! That our 3 year commitment to confusion will be rewarded and everything will be somewhat clear.

They lied.

Because, now we have 2 realities to deal with and still have no clue what the hell is going on.  Leaving us with alot of pend-up emotions.

Sort of like my life right now.

Welcome to MY ISLAND.


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