Coveting a Dyson, and Cheese puff more than ever

22 Feb

Today marks the 9th day that I have not slept in my own bed. No, I have not moved out, simply put I been pet sitting a shit load of peoples dogs.

We need the extra “mula” and while I’m so grateful that I can do this (easy job) to get it, I miss my house, my bed and of course Tom. Not necessary in that order.

But, this week marks what I’m going to call the family-galorethon. Because Tom’s family has decided to leave their cold abode and head down to bask in our forty-degree weather. So, for the next 2 weeks we have 2 sets of family branches in our mist.

And I’m not complaining, because I love his family. I have come to adore them as I adore Tom. They are funny, gracious and have embraced me fully into their fold. And of course family duty calls – numerous get-togethers, dinners, outings and I would be the first one to enjoy all this activities except that adding that to the mix of someone that has not been sleeping in her own bed for the past 9 days can be a bit overwhelming.

In order words: I have freaked the hell up a couple of times in the last 3 days.

And poor Tom has paid the price. And since we need to put a spin on it, I have decided to morph into super woman and invite the family to not one dinner, not two, but three.

Because, I apparently love to walk on the wild side in order to push my limits.

Or we can also see Tom’s version which is “You are PLAIN CRAZY!”

So of course, as I write this, the mental list is growing by the second. Menus need to be set! Supermarket trips need to be scheduled! Cleaning patrol needs to be assigned! And just now I realized that I may have bitten more that I can chew on this one.

Because as I’m writing this post, all these random thoughts are popping up all over the place:

OMG, I don’t have 98% of the ingredients of the chosen menus
Shit, we still have not found the replacements rugs for the dinning room and the kitchen.
Which means we need to find time to visit stores around town and hope for the best.
When in the hell would I have time to go to the 4 different supermarkets?
I have rugs to purchase!
Damn it, we have to find the replacement filter for the vacuum cleaner.
When, can I fit THAT IN?
God, I wish we have a Dyson, this would be so much easier.
Why is the BFF beating me at Words with Friends?
Oh, wait, that is for ANOTHER post.
Do we have enough tables to sit all of those people up?
Crap! No, we do not. Add call the rental people to the list!
Is it 4pm already?
Damn it! No.its.not.
Why am I hooked on the Olympic curling game? It does not make sense, it’s a boring game!
I’m craving cheese puffs so badly right now.
Jesus, I forgot there are 2 vegetarians in the family, what the hell do I cook for them?
How in the hell would owing a Dyson make things easier?
I can’t remember if the vending machine sells cheese puffs.
I really don’t feel like going all the way to the other building to find out.
I need to relax the hell up.
Where is that rental people phone number??
Is it 4pm already?
Damn it! No.its.not.

A bit overwhelm may not be the right word at this point.

And Tom my be right, “Plain Crazy” may fit better


One Response to “Coveting a Dyson, and Cheese puff more than ever”

  1. Mo February 23, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

    You love it ! ! ! !

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