My rock, my home, my heart and everything in between

25 Feb

Back on February 25th, 08′ I wrote this on a post:

“…Going on a date, not expecting anything, actually dreading it, since I was not on the mood for it, and having it turn into a 5 hour date, full of great conversation, lots of laughs, and the best looking hazel eyes I seen on a man yet.”

2 Days later I wrote this:

“Last night I went out on a date, with a man that does not fit the mold for my idea of a partner. And as I sat finding fault with everything in front of me, I felt that same light bulb moment that I did 5 years ago. I mentally shouted out “F*** it” and started to see everything that was right about him. Rather than give in to the fight-or-flight response that comes from my instinct to have the right person, in my mold, I suddenly found myself wanting the challenge of finding someone new, different than me, who can teach me new ways to evolve into a higher, more beautiful expressions of myself, realizing, embracing, and celebrating the beauty of having someone that may offer me not such a boring life.”

And for the past 2 years, I have been challenged in spades.

Today, Tom and I are celebrating our 730th day together as a couple. SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY!


That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

And those seven hundred and thirty days have been filled with laugher, tears, major freaked outs (mostly by me), 2 moves, lost of a parent, lost of a job (twice!), various trips by plane, by car. Holidays, Birthdays, minor freaked out’s (mostly by me) and everything else in between.

We have learned when to give each other space, when to pull each others weight, when to created united fronts and when to know to let each of us battle their own battles.

Our respect for each other has grown and multiplied. We have learned to trust and valued each others actions. Question our thoughts and share our ideas and dreams. We have fallen more in love (yeah sappy right?) with each other than ever.

He has taught me to be confident in reaching higher and be bolder in my every day choices because he will always be there to catch me no matter what.

He is the person I want to see all the time, be around all the time. The opinions that matter the most. He is the father I want for my children. He is the man I want to reach out to when I’m old and grey and in need of a hand.

He is my rock, my home, my heart and everything in between.

So, baby, here is to us. We made it this far, and I’m not afraid anymore to make it farther still.

Couplehood... still learning to navigate


2 Responses to “My rock, my home, my heart and everything in between”

  1. thecatsman February 25, 2010 at 10:34 am #

    Simply beautiful……

  2. running42k February 25, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    congrats. Hopefully there is a lot more than 730 days ahead.

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