About me

  • I’m forty-something and have lived enough to learn some lessons, and still make mistakes.
  • I’m not from the US, I was born in a country located in South America, from parents that were born in Europe (communicating in my house was a bit like a meeting of the United Nations). English is not my first or even my second language, being that said, if you find grammatical errors on any of my post, suck it up… it means that I forgot to press “spell check” – I’m lazy that way.
  • I’m loyal, generous and sexy (yeah I put the last one in, because I’m also a big self-promoter) Plus, who else would blow my own horn if not moi?
  • Sometimes I tend to be impatient and hasty – especially when I deal with stupidity… and believe me there is plenty of that going around in my world.
  • I’m normally ambitious (not as much as my mother would like!) and when I want something bad enough, I can pretty much count on myself to make a complete fool in trying to get it.
  • I’m fun to be with and I love to socialize. But, that’s because I’m also an attention whore and love to get huge amounts of praises.
  • I would not be human, if I would not say that I love to be loved. I found my partner in life,  and we are currently planning our future together, there will be living together, planning a wedding, and hopefully those small things that we call  “baby”.
  • I’m honest and trustworthy and not pretending (what you see, is what you get, and sometimes it’s not pretty)
  • I hate restrictions. Ok, I know they are rules, but… it’s so much fun to break them.
  • I love to joke and I have a good sense of humor – (See # 3) but, you can be the judge of this statement by sticking around and reading the blog and see if I can make you pee a bit in your pants. If not, then hey… I tried (refer to #5)
  • I also tend to be very logical (I can analyze myself to death) and a bit dark, twisty and wacky inside.
  • Ikea is my new drug so is anything made by Apple
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with cake, much more than chocolate.
  • I love dogs, but I own 2 cats, against my better judgment. UPDATE: with the boyfriend I’m now a stepmom to 2 dogs as well – a bull mastiff and a rutt
  • Every time an apple commercial comes on, I feel the need to run and download the song being used for the spot.
  • Music is my hot, hot sex
  • My least productive time of the day is morning, I’m a nocturnal person.
  • My guilty pleasure is reality TV, don’t you judge!
  • I have 4 scars due to 3 surgeries.
  • I am excellent at putting electronics together (A task which has been delegated to the boyfriend now)
  • I lust after George Clooney and Sean Connery, who I still think has been the best James Bond.
  • I love reading and my dream is to own a small book store, where I can spend hours upon hours sitting in a nice comfy chair and read book after book.
  • And on the topic of reading, I love cookbooks and collect them… I also use them, a lot. I secretly would like to publish a cookbook with all of my family’s recipe’s.
  • I have a strange and random love for anything that has colorful circles, and dots.
  • I have an uncanny desire to be nurturing.
  • I love babies, but I’m also afraid of them.
  • I have lived in 3 different countries (Venezuela, Italy & the US), 2 different states (Colorado & Florida), 4 cities and about 12 different homes in one of those cities. I’m a natural traveler … can’t stay in one single place for long.
  • I need to take one big vacation a year, no matter what my circumstances are.
  • I’m the oldest in the family, but most people think I’m the youngest when they meet the sister.
  • I easily confuse my right with my left. I always say the one that I don’t mean to say. Like go right, but point to my left. “sigh”.
  • I hate to write – yeah, try to wrap that around your head, since you are reading a blog that I WRITE.
  • I tend to contradict myself a bit – Ok A lot sometimes.
  • I can’t stand overly philosophical, intellectual, pompous people. They need to get over themselves.
  • I can’t talk without using my hands. Really. I’ve tried
  • I don’t like math, I’m very bad at it.
  • I leave my shoes (that I take off when I walk into my house) all over the place, I been tying to break this habit, unfortunately it just does not want to happen
  • I do love shoes, and if they are high heel even better.
  • I fear the dentist though I have healthy teeth
  • I hate talking on the phone.
  • I’m hearing empaired and in most cases I’m reading your lips in order to understand what the Hell is going on.
  • I want to be cremated when I die and my ashes be used to make rocks that will then become reef in the ocean.
  • I’m a certified diver
  • I hate driving, but I’m a very aggressive driver once I’m behind the wheel of a car. I also hate automatic, and only drive stick. And talking about cars, I had 6 cars in my life and they all been VW brand.
  • I prefer cleaning a bathroom than doing (and folding) laundry – (which has been delegated to the boyfriend).
  • I totally love my iPhone and I have no clue how I ever lived without it.

2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Kat March 18, 2008 at 3:31 pm #

    Hello there…

    as I was going through to your writing I realise that you could be the reflection of me…I think we look alike a lot in the way of thinking and expressing ourselves, eventhough I am Greek and I don’t now exactly which nationality are you but then this isn’t really the point, the point is that I love to see people all around the world to have the same ideas as me and not to be afraid to show and call it out to the rest of the world…well done you. The best of luck in whatever you might do!

  2. the bachelor May 1, 2008 at 10:52 pm #

    Love the web site design!

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