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Lotto tickets, landlord, agreements, it never ends!

5 May

You are probably thinking that I have bail out of here, because my previous post prediction came true and I’m swimming in 252 million dollars and living it up, nowhere near a computer but somewhere in a deserted island drinking fruity-umbrella topped drinks.

Leaving you all here… wondering.

Well, yeah.



Somebody else won the 252, and THEY are probably swimming and living it up with MINE money.

But I’m not keeping score, I’m happy for that winner – live it up! Enjoy it! WHATEVER. (we don’t want to piss of the universe or she will be kicking my ungrateful ass).

But, I’m still buying lotto tickets, because you know, 252 millions would have been like AWESOME, but we can make it a go with 45 millions, or heck who am I kidding, even 10 would be good!

So, we are back to counting our pennies and living dangerously in the edge of the economic wave.

Fun, Fun!

But, you know what fun is? The fact that we are signing a one year lease in a week.

Yeah, for us! We found our house!

Except that it’s even better, because this house – we don’t have to do anything! No packing, no decorating, no fixing.


We are staying right where we are now.

We made our landlord see the light.

He is pulling the house off the market for now because, you know – NOBODY is buying, especially if your asking price is like 20% ABOVE the market.

I’m just saying.

So, yeah, the cloud that has been pressing on us, as lifted. We don’t have to do anything right now, except enjoy the fact that we have now 12 more months to procrastinate this task.

Instead we are thinking on celebrating with a quick road trip.

But we have no clue as to where.

Any thoughts?


You are FIRED!

31 Mar

So, as you may know. Tom and I are in the hunt for a new rental property. Our landlord is not kicking us out, in fact he has been totally on board for us to stay as long as our contract runs and has even offered to make sure that if the house is sold, we have plenty of time to find a new house and move out. But, just the action of putting the house up for sale, has totally disrupted our daily life.

Because, well in order to be always prepare of THE call from the realtor about showing the property, we have to keep the house in top shape – as in clean and orderly.

We have to make the bed on a daily basis – y’all!

Ok, we DON’T have to. But, remember I’m a type A and there is NO WAY we are going to be one of THOSE people who have the house messy and dirty and are then talked behind their backs about how messy and dirty we are by the people who were snooping around our things during a house showing in the first place.

So in the attempt, to not to be ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. I have totally and fully embrace the art of going totally nuts and keeping the house as clean and clear of clutter as I can.

There have been fights and tension and lots of screaming in the last couple of weeks around these parts.

Because Tom, while understands the need to keep the house clean, does not understand the need to do it 24/7.


And I know that I’m being totally irrational and Yes, I know… I have issues – more than you can imagine. But, I just cannot TURN IT OFF.

So, my boyfriend has put down his foot and announced that there was no way, no how, we were going to stay in the house while it was up for sale. And so the 2010 MOVE project has been in full force for the last 3 weeks.  We have been consumed by rental ads, Managements company house list and crazy, crazy landlords living in their delusional bubbles.

We have seen about 10 houses so far. And let me tell you… there are A LOT of THOSE PEOPLE out there. There was the house, that we were totally afraid of touching anything less we catch something. Or the house where the carpet was totally the color of poop and it smell just like that.  Lots of houses had small kitchens being described as cozy and quaint (WTF?). And hello realtor/landlord a room without a closet DOES NOT a BEDROOM make.

But yesterday, we realized how low inventory on rentals around our town was.

We had been waiting to see this particular house for a bit now. The pictures look good, and the square footage was perfect, we were gaining almost 500 square feet more than what we have now… so we were pump about seeing this house.  Since the landlord has a bunch of rules (no showing before 6pm on the weekday, no showing during the weekend, no this, no that.) We had to put our name on the list and wait for a call back. (we should have quit at this point)

On Monday, the management company called us and told us to be there on Tuesday at 6pm.

We were there at 5:45pm

We sat outside the house, because well, we wanted to be respectful and polite. We figure the realtor would be meeting us OUTSIDE the property.

At 5:55pm, another car showed up and out steps this woman… Tom asked her if she was the realtor and she responded that she was there to SEE the house.


We looked at each other and thought “they double booked the showing?”

Apparently they did more than double book the showing.

Because, at 6pm 3 more cars showed up and about a gazillion people piled out. And before we knew it we were all on the yard like groupies waiting for the band to show up on stage. As soon as the door open and the realtor (we assume this, since he never had the chance to open his mouth) stepped out, there was a stampede trying to get INTO the house.

Tom and I were the only ones left outside the yard, totally looking at each other and wondering what the hell has just happen.  Then we decided to not waste our time, and to cut our losses and leave.  The whole thing was leaving us a bad taste.  Plus during this another 4 cars showed up!

Wait? Were we missing something? Is this the new way management companies show houses now?

We did not want anything to do with it.

We decided that the house was not good enough and promptly left, but before that we walked up to the realtor and promptly told him “You are FIRED!”

Now we now understand the satisfaction that Donald Trump gets when he uses does words.

Chocolate Cake, Ball-less dog, photography. As you can see it’s an “All-over-the-place” post.

16 Feb

Did everyone have a good Valentine day? I bet it was full of lovey-dove words and breakfast in bed and chocolate boxes and all that jazz?

Good, then I can live through your experiences. Because, over at the P&C house, there was no flowers, no cards, no valentine activities going on around.  And you may think that we are a bad couple, not expressing our love to each other in such a special day. But, if you know me, and have read this blog for a while you know how I feel about Valentine Day in the first place. I still stand that there is no need to have a highly commercialized day to tell a person that they are loved. Tom and I do this everyday we are together, so Sunday to us was just a day like any other except that there was a lot of ball jokes (honoring the upcoming neutering of Rufus) and some baking.

The baking part is owed to my  baking club and we have to bake a cake twice a month, and my type “A” personality will not allow me to miss a deadline if my life depended on it. Even while my type “B” personality wanted to lay out on the couch all day and watch sappy, love movies and eat cheese puff.

In other news, I have been really working in expanding my other blog – Sweetbites. It has come to my surprise that I’m sort of good at it, specially the photography part of it. I been researching and reading and joining numerous photography blogs, and groups and let me tell you it has been such a welcoming group of people, ready to hand over tons of advice and tips and tricks. It has paid off. And let me shout it out, I LOVE THE INTERNET people! It’s just awesome.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words… at the beginning my food photography looked like this:

First food picture

Which some may say that is not bad… but have you seen some of the competition out there? Yep, they are some serious food photography out here!

So the bar was high.  And I want to reach that bar so the last couple of weeks have been filled with lots of research and lots of blog browsing and reading the camera manual and taking lots and lots of pictures, some good, some bad, some really awful. But, I think all that practice is starting to paid off.  The last photographs have come up like this:

That was the Valentine Cake I did last Sunday, Yummy don't you think?

Not bad eh? There are more samples here.

And remember the high bar, I may have join the ranks, because my photos are starting to be accepted here and here and finally here.

In the meantime I have set up shop in our laundry room which is starting to look a bit small with all the stuff we have in there.  Tom’s art corner, my desk, his music corner and now on top of it all, my photography mini-studio:

Please ignore the mess around this

Because no matter how many times they shout to use NATURAL light, it’s not always so sunny in Florida.  And like everything else in the world, the fake stuff needs to work too.

To win the war, you must be strong, steadfast and finally cut off the balls

9 Feb

For those joining in the fun around these parts late in the game, I live with the boyfriend (Tom) and his two dogs (Maggie and the dumb dog Rufus). I wrote about them before here and here

Go on, take a look, so you can be all caught up…I will wait. 

Ok, back? Good, lets move along. 

Anyhow, the dumb dog Rufus is almost 4 years old. His owner, being the man he is, decided that Rufus should be one big male dog. With his parts intact and all. Because the family jewels would eventually be put to use to sire a bunch of cute puppies that hopefully did not have the pee brain of their father. 

For those a bit lost in the analogy above, let me clarify: the dog still has his balls. 

And this will not be a problem if we live in something like this: 

God, I'm not a dog, but I will kill for this to be my backyard.


But we don’t, we live in the city, in a house that is 1,650 square feet, with a backyard, that for city standards is pretty big, but nothing compare to rolling green pastures that Rufus needs. 

The big dog likes it – most of the time. He roams, he barks, he sniffs and makes sure that every-single leave, tree, grass patch, twig is marked. And marked good. 

Because he is a dog – a MALE dog and that is what they do, when they have balls. 

And I’m good with this. 

Except that a bitch has come to the neighborhood and thus disrupted the dumb dog Rufus world.  Making him stand by the window to whimper and cry and howl, just like a typical male wanting to hump have something he can not have. 

But, what Rufus has found is the need to not only double mark everything OUTSIDE the house, but INSIDE as well. 

The targets of war, my friends in no particular order: 

The sofa in the living room
The living room rug
The pillows on top of the living room sofa
The kitchen loveseat
The kitchen rug
The kitchen pillows on top of the loveseat 

Yes, we are talking full frontal war. And we have sent in the following troops to hold the front lines: 

Oxy clean
Wet Vac
Lots of time
Washer & Dryer
And a lot of curse words not worthy of being told here, lest children are in the vicinity. 

Unfortunately, after much fighting we could not save all targets and have some casualties: 

The living room rug
The kitchen rug 

RIP guys! 

They did not make it. And I’m really, really pissed about it. 

So pissed that I told Tom that male jewels were full of crap and that before I raised the white flag I will send in the greatest troop for a sure victory. 

The dumb dog Rufus has an appointment on Monday to have his family jewels promptly cut off. 

White flag, my ass.  Not even this pretty face will make me divert from the set course: 

stand watch buddy, not for long!


All good things end – which SUCK!

27 Jan

Our landlord has informed us that he will be putting our rental house up for sale (the poor, poor man). So that means that in the next 4 months (if not, sooner) the following will be taking place in no particular order:

  • Mad dash to find another home to rent (or maybe buy, if all the stars aligned themselves)
  • Search for boxes in order to…
  • Pack, Pack and Pack everything up again
  • Loose our shit while packing up
  • Loose our shit with each other during the transition
  • Kiss and make up after loosing our shit
  • Re-decorate EVERYTHING AGAIN

Just writing this has me already exhausted.

I’m use to changes, and totally embrace them (I can say this, since during my early years, my mother moved us every single year, so I’m totally season to pack-and-go).  Tom, on the other hand, no so much.  He does not do well with the whole process. When we moved to this house it took him months to finally relax due to all the changes happening.  So you can image what this bit of news has done to his daily balance.  He is already edgy and we have not even started yet.

I think I’m going to have to start to practice the fine art of meditation, so we don’t kill each other in this process.

Anyone know of a rental out there?  EMAIL-US!

Bye Bye 2009, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

31 Dec

Today you will probably get tired of ready post after post about 2009 and everyone’s personal  take on it. For some it will be a great year (Babies! Engagements! Marriage!) for some it would have been a challenging year (Layoffs! New Jobs! Health problems!) and for hollywood a terrible year of death (Michael Jackson! Farrah Fawcett! Ted Kennedy! Britney Murphy! and many, many others).

Looking back on it, I have to categorized it as a mix of a great  with some challenges and in some cases total crap.

It started not so well, Tom got laid off work not once but twice! Then found a job, not a GREAT job but a good job that paid the bills.  I on the other hand was saved from a huge laid off wave at work, lost my favorite boss and got not one, but 3 new bosses and a pile of work on top of it.

We enjoyed a great trip to North Carolina not once but twice

We decided to move to a new home (the good!) and while it has created a few financial burdens, on the personal front we are way happier here than his previous home.  Its ours, we found it together, we moved in together, we decorated it together, it was us.

We had a bit of health issues, specifically me. And a couple of trips to the closest ER.

I got into new stuff that made me feel more creative and grateful for  new projects that will keep me out of trouble.

We both found our holiday spirit this year

But at the end of it all, 2009 and has showed me that no matter what, when it gets tough, I can still count on friends:

I know she needs to put that away!

count on family:

Strike a pose!
My soon to be in-law family

and most of all I can count on him:

Yeah, look bored baby

So, yes 2009 has been a good year, a challenged year and in some cases a shit year. And  I’m happy to see it go right out the door, never to return.

We are ready for 2010 to come and give us all it go, because we are ready to kick butt right back.

Happy New Year to all!

And its Christmas time, and birthday time and crazy time!

15 Dec

I have slacked off AGAIN with the blog, because well people its Christmas time (yes, political correctness be damn. I call it Christmas and if you don’t like it, pretend that it say’s “Holiday”, ‘k.) so we have been a bit busy trying to get our shit in order over here, and at least be prepare for the gazillions things that need to be done in the next couple of weeks.

This Christmas is a bit special, since it will be our actual official first Christmas. (yes, we had the first one last year, but it does not count) So, we decided to bite the bullet of Christmas overload and actually make an effort by decorating the bazooka out of our house. And that is what we did this past weekend…

We first bought a tree. We wanted to give our money to those Tree placed in the corner of each street, but then decided they were way to rich for our blood, so we headed to our local Home Depot to find the perfect tree.

A bit of background on the tree picking activities: I’m super anal about this step, I’m usually “that” customer has the tree attendant pull the entire tree inventory in the lot, in order to find THE tree, the one that is “the chosen one” to sit in my living room and die a slow death.

Going in, I warned Tom about this neurosis of mine And since this was the first time Tom and I were doing this, I knew I needed to keep it on the down low, as to not scare the shit out of him when I would go all postal on the tree lot.  Luckily, it took us 3 tries before we settle on a 6 footer at $29.99 CHA-CHING!

 We started with the tree:

Tree decorating 101

The final product, after I got my hands on it:

Sparkling and very, very red!

The outside was a bit more labor intensive, We then spend about 4 hours directing, pointing, getting feedback from his mother, the neighbor, the dogs and the cats, before it all came together. Lesson learned? Less is more. And the highlight? Tom got to use the electric staple gun that has been sitting pretty much unused for over a year (so there is a plus in that).

We look like the total dorks we are

In addition to the decoration prep, I’m also busy making arrangements for my upcoming birthday, which will be in 5 days. This year, I decided to give back to all of the people that put up with my crazy the other 365 days of the year – my friends and family. So, I’m planning to go all out and have a dinner birthday bash full of liquor, food and the good dinner plates and cloth napkins, I’m going ALL.OUT.

So there you have it, I been busy, busy like a bee. The next couple of weeks there will be less posting and more living… with maybe a couple of other post thrown in there to remind you that yes, I’m still alive and enjoying the fruit of my labor.