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The one where I find out actual people do read this blog and they are my “FANS” and that sunshine is more important that blogger’s block.

26 Mar

The other day as I was lying in bed nursing a bad back, I got a tweet from a follower that went something like this:

“@eusmaca Hey… why aren’t you blogging? Your fans miss you! Hope everything is okey with you, the man, the dog, etc.”

I almost fell of the bed!

My first thought?


As in real people?

My second thought?


My third thought?

It has not been that long since I posted… has it?

I went online and there it was my last post was a month ago. A MONTH! Jesus a full month since I posted!

What the hell have I been doing?

And I thought back and realized that apparently I had taken a bit of a “break” from blogging.  Because March has been a supper busy month in our house.

The month started with entertaining out of town family, followed by a spike of work load. And let’s not forget the on-going saga of looking for a new place to live.

You know all the normal stuff. And while it seems that everything I been doing may be “blogable” material, when I would sit in front of the computer, I would get huge amounts of bloggers block.  There I sat staring blankly at the screen unable to string a sentence together for hours on end. And somewhere in my subconscious I must have heard a whisper “if you have nothing to say – it’s probably best to say nothing at all”

Did I just quote an Air Supply song?

So, since you all know I love list… lets recap in bullet point format

  • We were surprised to learn that in a couple of months we will be buying baby stuff and no it’s NOT FOR US. But, for Tom’s brother’s who announce that arrival of a niece or nephew for Tom this coming fall. We are all excited about this. I have to say that I’m a bit jealous (in a good way). Tom has made sure we have extra protection during this phase, because according to him “it can spread like wildfire” – I have no clue what he is talking about.
  • Our house hunting continues and it’s kicking our butt. Supply and demand on rental property in our area sucks. Everything is too small, too expensive and to ugly. Yes, we are picky people – we are not apologizing for it either. I know there is that perfect house out there for us – I feel it. But, it’s just driving me bat-shit that it’s not going according to my schedule. Yes, I know, I need to chill the hell up.
  • I’m happy to report that I have obtain fans over at my food blog as well (yes, I’m plugging the other blog here) and my photography has been so well received, that is has given me a huge boost in my confident. Which has got me to seriously think that is about time to switch careers at this point of my life. I just need to hold on to my security blanket a bit more before taking the jump.
  • But in order to do that jump I have joined numerous groups who like to meet and discuss everything there is to know about food, marketing, photography, business and all that jazz. My weekends are not my OWN anymore.
  • And talking about career changes…Tom has started a new job. One that makes him feel so much better about what he does in a daily basis. With the extra benefit of better pay.
  • And since the fans are asking: The balls-less dog, is just doing fine thankyouverymuch. He is not missing anything that was there before and he continues to be his big goofy self. Tom, still gives him sorry looks.

So there you have my fans, it has been a busy month, one filled with great news, new possibilities, new undertakings and lots of playtime because it seems that spring has kicked the winter back on its sorry ass and the weather has been incredible the last couple of weeks. Which, has enticed us to be outside more, soaking up the sunshine that was missed for the last couple of months.

And I’m sorry to say, that is more important than me sitting staring blankly at the screen unable to string a sentence together for hours on end.

But, thank you for caring and checking up on me. Once in a while I still need a good kick in the butt to remind me that I have fans!  Wow, fans.


Chocolate Cake, Ball-less dog, photography. As you can see it’s an “All-over-the-place” post.

16 Feb

Did everyone have a good Valentine day? I bet it was full of lovey-dove words and breakfast in bed and chocolate boxes and all that jazz?

Good, then I can live through your experiences. Because, over at the P&C house, there was no flowers, no cards, no valentine activities going on around.  And you may think that we are a bad couple, not expressing our love to each other in such a special day. But, if you know me, and have read this blog for a while you know how I feel about Valentine Day in the first place. I still stand that there is no need to have a highly commercialized day to tell a person that they are loved. Tom and I do this everyday we are together, so Sunday to us was just a day like any other except that there was a lot of ball jokes (honoring the upcoming neutering of Rufus) and some baking.

The baking part is owed to my  baking club and we have to bake a cake twice a month, and my type “A” personality will not allow me to miss a deadline if my life depended on it. Even while my type “B” personality wanted to lay out on the couch all day and watch sappy, love movies and eat cheese puff.

In other news, I have been really working in expanding my other blog – Sweetbites. It has come to my surprise that I’m sort of good at it, specially the photography part of it. I been researching and reading and joining numerous photography blogs, and groups and let me tell you it has been such a welcoming group of people, ready to hand over tons of advice and tips and tricks. It has paid off. And let me shout it out, I LOVE THE INTERNET people! It’s just awesome.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words… at the beginning my food photography looked like this:

First food picture

Which some may say that is not bad… but have you seen some of the competition out there? Yep, they are some serious food photography out here!

So the bar was high.  And I want to reach that bar so the last couple of weeks have been filled with lots of research and lots of blog browsing and reading the camera manual and taking lots and lots of pictures, some good, some bad, some really awful. But, I think all that practice is starting to paid off.  The last photographs have come up like this:

That was the Valentine Cake I did last Sunday, Yummy don't you think?

Not bad eh? There are more samples here.

And remember the high bar, I may have join the ranks, because my photos are starting to be accepted here and here and finally here.

In the meantime I have set up shop in our laundry room which is starting to look a bit small with all the stuff we have in there.  Tom’s art corner, my desk, his music corner and now on top of it all, my photography mini-studio:

Please ignore the mess around this

Because no matter how many times they shout to use NATURAL light, it’s not always so sunny in Florida.  And like everything else in the world, the fake stuff needs to work too.

To win the war, you must be strong, steadfast and finally cut off the balls

9 Feb

For those joining in the fun around these parts late in the game, I live with the boyfriend (Tom) and his two dogs (Maggie and the dumb dog Rufus). I wrote about them before here and here

Go on, take a look, so you can be all caught up…I will wait. 

Ok, back? Good, lets move along. 

Anyhow, the dumb dog Rufus is almost 4 years old. His owner, being the man he is, decided that Rufus should be one big male dog. With his parts intact and all. Because the family jewels would eventually be put to use to sire a bunch of cute puppies that hopefully did not have the pee brain of their father. 

For those a bit lost in the analogy above, let me clarify: the dog still has his balls. 

And this will not be a problem if we live in something like this: 

God, I'm not a dog, but I will kill for this to be my backyard.


But we don’t, we live in the city, in a house that is 1,650 square feet, with a backyard, that for city standards is pretty big, but nothing compare to rolling green pastures that Rufus needs. 

The big dog likes it – most of the time. He roams, he barks, he sniffs and makes sure that every-single leave, tree, grass patch, twig is marked. And marked good. 

Because he is a dog – a MALE dog and that is what they do, when they have balls. 

And I’m good with this. 

Except that a bitch has come to the neighborhood and thus disrupted the dumb dog Rufus world.  Making him stand by the window to whimper and cry and howl, just like a typical male wanting to hump have something he can not have. 

But, what Rufus has found is the need to not only double mark everything OUTSIDE the house, but INSIDE as well. 

The targets of war, my friends in no particular order: 

The sofa in the living room
The living room rug
The pillows on top of the living room sofa
The kitchen loveseat
The kitchen rug
The kitchen pillows on top of the loveseat 

Yes, we are talking full frontal war. And we have sent in the following troops to hold the front lines: 

Oxy clean
Wet Vac
Lots of time
Washer & Dryer
And a lot of curse words not worthy of being told here, lest children are in the vicinity. 

Unfortunately, after much fighting we could not save all targets and have some casualties: 

The living room rug
The kitchen rug 

RIP guys! 

They did not make it. And I’m really, really pissed about it. 

So pissed that I told Tom that male jewels were full of crap and that before I raised the white flag I will send in the greatest troop for a sure victory. 

The dumb dog Rufus has an appointment on Monday to have his family jewels promptly cut off. 

White flag, my ass.  Not even this pretty face will make me divert from the set course: 

stand watch buddy, not for long!


Better late, than never

4 Dec

If you follow me in tweeter or facebook, you probably know the reason why this post is almost a week late!  I been sick, apparently North Carolina wanted to give me a present and send me back with to Florida full of germs so strong that I ended up in the ER on this past Tuesday – but that is coming on a post all by itself.

I could give you a full recap, but I’m too hike up on drugs and I don’t trust myself to write anything that will make sense, so I give you our trip in pictures!

The trip up was without any incidents.  The dogs behaved so well, that for a moment we thought they were not ours and they had switched them on us while we were not looking.

Family, at the end of the day, they mean everything

Who enjoy the trip more? They did!

Specially with all that land to run around with.  Tom and I are not looking to move there, we just have to talk to the weather faeries in order to take care of that thing called winter, plus the fact that Rufus looks PROPORTION there.

I think I’m ready to hear Things That Don’t Suck!

24 Nov

We are down to the wire.

Tomorrow we will all pile up in a car and set out for our first leg of our trip to North Carolina.

Am I ready for this?

According to everything that has been done so far by me, this trip is so planned out it’s actually a bit ridiculous.

Hotel reservations have been made, the best possible routes have been loaded on the iPhone GPS application. Schedule stops have been pre-determined and I have not one, but TWO packing list to make sure we don’t forget the most important things – like you know

… the DOGS!

Tom will be hunting down the winter clothes in the spooky nook under the stairs today and I have a couple of other things we need to gather and place by the door to load up in the car tomorrow.

So, yes, I say, we are pretty DAMN ready for this road trip.  NC here we come!


no matter how many list I have done, and reservations, and planned routes, it has not prepared me for waking up today with my head pounding, my throat sore, my ears all echo-y, my eyes watering, and my nose completely plugged up. Both nostrils. HOW IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED!?

Cue in the sound effects… (Preferably of a mad woman screaming!) NOW!

Fine, universe, way to be a douche bag.

Time for a bit of begging, because Dude!, I need you [universe] to be nice and to pat me in the back and tell me that “hey, it’s ok, you will be fine, and I will take care of you”

Seeing as I’m not the self-medicating sort, right now I’m thinking I may need a Xanax, or possibly more than one – two? three? maybe four?… You know, to make those rough edges seem smooth and manageable.  And I figure the only way I was going to come as close to taking four one xanax was to start with a healthy dose of the recomended 2 tablespoons of cold medicine this morning.


…that now I’m at work and I trying very hard to make an effort to distract myself from considering all of the many different ways I might commit suicide with a five-dollar stapler.

I think I’m ready to hear Things.That.Don’t.Suck!




Sun and Surf and a couple of 4-legged friends

9 Nov

This past weekend I worked.  Very, very hard.

Oh hell, who am I kidding.  It was a sunny, crisp Florida day, the kind that you want to lay back in a hammock and rock yourself to sleep, soaking up the rays and maybe listening to some music in the background.  If of course, you have someone who can bring you a drink even better!   But, instead I settled for the sunny, crisp day surrounded by this type of cuteness:


Yes, I want one, as soon as I get rid of the ones that I have at home

Yep, don’t you want one?

Yeah, me too.  Tom had to hold me down and make me swear that I was not bringing anything like that home.

And were was this cuteness? My sister’s company was celebrating its 2 year anniversary and well, I had to drag myself to a park, right off an island on Saturday morning to play and roll around with puppies and dogs of all breeds and sizes.  Dude, how can you say no to spending time with something like this:

White dog

Feel the breeze, the sun

Look at that face, I’m still wondering how they keep him all nice and white!

But nothing can prepare you for this  type of awesome:

funky dog

Sun and surf people, that is all you need

Yeah, that’s right people, that is how aw-some the day was, that face tells you all you need to know!

Afterward I went home to prepare for Tom’s mom birthday lunch.  Lasagna and Quesillo were the players  in the Birthday menu and I need to get going in doing some mixing and filing and baking.  If you mossy over to the Sweet Bites tab, you will find the step by step of making a Quesillo, which is made with eggs, condensed milk and dark rich caramel sauce, similar to crème caramel. ridiculous super easy dessert that will wow everyone and looks amazing.

And if you are like me and Tom, will not last past a day in your refrigerator.

Road Trip in the horizon,with stress around the corner

3 Nov

In 22 days we will be packing up Tom’s mom car with 3 adults, 1 eight-year old and 2 dogs, one which weights the same amount as me (and I’m not kidding). We will then hit the I-95 north and work out way out of Florida, past Georgia, all of South Carolina and parts of North Carolina.

So we can spend 3 days stuffing ourselves full of Thanksgiving food and family fun.  I’m looking forward to this trip because

1) I don’t have to cook
2) I don’t have to host and
3) I don’t have to do anything at.all, except relax and let others do everything.

Heaven… I’m in heaven (well NOT YET, but in TWENTY-TWO DAYS I will be)

But, there is something I’m NOT looking forward to, and that is the ACTUAL car trip because, well simply put people, its Ten hours! Let me repeat that for those in back of the room – TEN HOURS.IN.A.CAR with a 8-year old, my boyfriend’s mom, 2 dogs and the actual boyfriend.


So, since I know myself and I know that I will probably want to jump off the car (and my skin) in the first half-hour of the drive, I decided to convince Tom, that the best course of action for me all of us would be to split this trip up and do it in a 2-part, 5 hour drive.

Which means that I have to find a hotel, on the way, to take us ALL in.

Including the 2 dogs

Did I mention that Rufus weights what I weight?

Yeah, I thought so.

This is going to be hard

I have 22 days to stress over it.