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Lotto tickets, landlord, agreements, it never ends!

5 May

You are probably thinking that I have bail out of here, because my previous post prediction came true and I’m swimming in 252 million dollars and living it up, nowhere near a computer but somewhere in a deserted island drinking fruity-umbrella topped drinks.

Leaving you all here… wondering.

Well, yeah.



Somebody else won the 252, and THEY are probably swimming and living it up with MINE money.

But I’m not keeping score, I’m happy for that winner – live it up! Enjoy it! WHATEVER. (we don’t want to piss of the universe or she will be kicking my ungrateful ass).

But, I’m still buying lotto tickets, because you know, 252 millions would have been like AWESOME, but we can make it a go with 45 millions, or heck who am I kidding, even 10 would be good!

So, we are back to counting our pennies and living dangerously in the edge of the economic wave.

Fun, Fun!

But, you know what fun is? The fact that we are signing a one year lease in a week.

Yeah, for us! We found our house!

Except that it’s even better, because this house – we don’t have to do anything! No packing, no decorating, no fixing.


We are staying right where we are now.

We made our landlord see the light.

He is pulling the house off the market for now because, you know – NOBODY is buying, especially if your asking price is like 20% ABOVE the market.

I’m just saying.

So, yeah, the cloud that has been pressing on us, as lifted. We don’t have to do anything right now, except enjoy the fact that we have now 12 more months to procrastinate this task.

Instead we are thinking on celebrating with a quick road trip.

But we have no clue as to where.

Any thoughts?


Cabs, Shopping, Shows, Cocktails, Drunk texting and Tweeting, and someone had a birthday too.

15 Jan

The past week has kicked my butt. Work has been busy, life has been busy and finally I been able to sit, to take a huge amount of air. 

Because for the past 4 days, I felt like I’m drowning. 

Let me tell you I’m so looking forward to this weekend, because for the past 3 weeks it has been non-stop. Which means, that I need to have a major chill out session to recharge and balance my shit out. 

The major event in the past week has been to fly off to NYC (to freeze my butt off) and celebrate the BFF 40th Birthday bash. 

This is her, the one on the right, the pretty one: 

Don't we look pretty? Yes we do - M and M power


I think I have posted over and over, how much I love NYC. I would move there in a heartbeat, if I could remove the winter months that is.  Even thought I totally look awesome in winter clothes: 

Very New Yorker of us

I can sum it up as the following 

The flight up amazingly was on time, with no major happenings. The taxi drive to the NYBoys house was the typical NYC Cab ride, I’m glad I had nothing to eat or I will be writing about tossing my food in the cab ride. I mean, is it really necessary to swerve around EVERYTHING while using the brakes? 

Food, man did we eat! Everywhere! And I wrote a recap about that part of the trip here 

Shopping! If you go to NYC and do not shop, call me and tell me how to do that. I bought things that I thought I did not need, until I saw them in NYC.  Somehow the same stores I have in my town look better in NYC. Anyone? Anyone? 

My friends decided it was also time to play beauty shop and colored my hair. I was going for this look: 

And I'm digging the haircut as well

and instead got this look: 

That's one of the NYBoys, looking better than me

And because we are cool, and we like dynamic music and weird imagery, we saw this show.  And we did a lot of dancing and screaming in the process, there were also a lot of finger kissing. 

Cocktails! Lots of those, at the “W” hotel in Union Square. I also may or may not have drunk tweeted and texted Tom, the verdict is still out on that one. If I COULD only REMEMBER what happen.  Specially the part where this picture was taken: 

Do I look tipsy to you?

Because I have no clue who all those people behind us are. 

During a very late brunch on Sunday, we sat a table away from this guy.  And we all looked very cool trying to figure out who his female companion was.  She was not famous, so we soon lost interest and went back to munching on amazing french fries. 

I can honestly say we did what we set out to do over the weekend: eating lots of amazing food, seeing a show, shopping for things we don’t need, spent time with friends that I would do anything for and some major star-gazing while looking very cool about it.

A mini update and Tuesday funny

5 Jan

I have been busy. For the past 11 days I have not been sleeping in my bed. I been dog sitting and I’m ready to get it over with…I miss my bed, Tom, the cats and even the dogs!

I go home tonight – THANK GOD, I was about to lose it. Sleeping in someone’s else’s house is just no fun, especially if its the couch.

On top of it, we are freezing our Floridian asses over here.. For the past 3 days our temperatures have not gone above the 45-50 mark. Dude, my FROSTED light came on the car dashboard… which means “WARNING, if you get out of the CAR NOW, you can FREEZE!”

I know I’m totally wining and shit, because you know, and I know, there are people out there in minus degree weather and with snow to deal with and all that crap. Well, that is fine, but, I don’t feel sorry for them, because they choose to live in a place that has WINTER. I DID NOT! I choose to live in Florida because we did not have to DEAL WITH WINTER in the first place. Someone better look at the fine print. Because, they are going back on their contractual obligations – Do you hear that weather GODS?

Plus, I’m not loving that my lips are cracked and hurt, no matter how much I coat them with chap stick. And you know what else I’m not loving right now? Winter fashion. For the past 3 days, my clothes are totally not matching (purple gloves, with green scarf and brown hat is not very fashion forward), because the most important thing is to keep warm and sometimes in order to do that fashion becomes your bitch.

And all of this is going to go right out that door, because in less than 2 days, I will be boarding a plan and guess where I will be?


Yep, because is not enough that I’m freezing my ass over here in 40 degree weather, I need to take up a notch and do it in 10 degree weather instead.

I’m a dork who loves the BFF to pieces or else I will totally LEAVE YOU TO GO ALL BY YOURSELF (yeah, I’m talking to you!)

In the meantime I leave you with this, and if you know me at all and my love for Ikea, you would totally crack up over it too.

Can we relate?

Better late, than never

4 Dec

If you follow me in tweeter or facebook, you probably know the reason why this post is almost a week late!  I been sick, apparently North Carolina wanted to give me a present and send me back with to Florida full of germs so strong that I ended up in the ER on this past Tuesday – but that is coming on a post all by itself.

I could give you a full recap, but I’m too hike up on drugs and I don’t trust myself to write anything that will make sense, so I give you our trip in pictures!

The trip up was without any incidents.  The dogs behaved so well, that for a moment we thought they were not ours and they had switched them on us while we were not looking.

Family, at the end of the day, they mean everything

Who enjoy the trip more? They did!

Specially with all that land to run around with.  Tom and I are not looking to move there, we just have to talk to the weather faeries in order to take care of that thing called winter, plus the fact that Rufus looks PROPORTION there.

I think I’m ready to hear Things That Don’t Suck!

24 Nov

We are down to the wire.

Tomorrow we will all pile up in a car and set out for our first leg of our trip to North Carolina.

Am I ready for this?

According to everything that has been done so far by me, this trip is so planned out it’s actually a bit ridiculous.

Hotel reservations have been made, the best possible routes have been loaded on the iPhone GPS application. Schedule stops have been pre-determined and I have not one, but TWO packing list to make sure we don’t forget the most important things – like you know

… the DOGS!

Tom will be hunting down the winter clothes in the spooky nook under the stairs today and I have a couple of other things we need to gather and place by the door to load up in the car tomorrow.

So, yes, I say, we are pretty DAMN ready for this road trip.  NC here we come!


no matter how many list I have done, and reservations, and planned routes, it has not prepared me for waking up today with my head pounding, my throat sore, my ears all echo-y, my eyes watering, and my nose completely plugged up. Both nostrils. HOW IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED!?

Cue in the sound effects… (Preferably of a mad woman screaming!) NOW!

Fine, universe, way to be a douche bag.

Time for a bit of begging, because Dude!, I need you [universe] to be nice and to pat me in the back and tell me that “hey, it’s ok, you will be fine, and I will take care of you”

Seeing as I’m not the self-medicating sort, right now I’m thinking I may need a Xanax, or possibly more than one – two? three? maybe four?… You know, to make those rough edges seem smooth and manageable.  And I figure the only way I was going to come as close to taking four one xanax was to start with a healthy dose of the recomended 2 tablespoons of cold medicine this morning.


…that now I’m at work and I trying very hard to make an effort to distract myself from considering all of the many different ways I might commit suicide with a five-dollar stapler.

I think I’m ready to hear Things.That.Don’t.Suck!




Things I’m thinking about

19 Nov

By this time next week we should be arriving in North Carolina in order to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with Tom’s family.

This is going to be interesting, at least for me, since this will be a bonofied thanksgiving for me.  Those that know me, know that I never celebrated Thanksgiving.  Past Thanksgiving were spent doing some major marathon watching on TV.

In the meantime these are the things that are in my mind and I need to worry about until we set off next week for the 10 hour drive:

I still want to watch a lot of marathon TV next week.

Sadly, I don’t see that happening.

Instead, I will be doing, god-knows what.  Since I’m not a host, but a “guest” and that term  is basically non-existent to me, since 99.9% of the time, I’m the host.

I’m going to be like a lost soul.

A lost soul freezing it’s ass, because I just checked the weather and that weekend is suppose to rain, and be in the low 40’s, with highs in the 50’s


Now, I have to look for the winter clothes

Where in the hell are the winter clothes?

Oh yeah, under the stairs, which totally freaks me out

its dark under there

and spooky

I wonder if I can still hide and watch a lot of marathon TV?

Damn it, the dogs need a bath before we go anywhere

Crap, its almost 5pm

what in the hell am I doing still at work?

Oh, yeah writting this post!

Not anymore, I need to go so I can think of ways to get Tom to tackled the task of getting to our winter clothes from under the dark stairs.

Because, I DID mention its spooky under there


Road Trip in the horizon,with stress around the corner

3 Nov

In 22 days we will be packing up Tom’s mom car with 3 adults, 1 eight-year old and 2 dogs, one which weights the same amount as me (and I’m not kidding). We will then hit the I-95 north and work out way out of Florida, past Georgia, all of South Carolina and parts of North Carolina.

So we can spend 3 days stuffing ourselves full of Thanksgiving food and family fun.  I’m looking forward to this trip because

1) I don’t have to cook
2) I don’t have to host and
3) I don’t have to do anything at.all, except relax and let others do everything.

Heaven… I’m in heaven (well NOT YET, but in TWENTY-TWO DAYS I will be)

But, there is something I’m NOT looking forward to, and that is the ACTUAL car trip because, well simply put people, its Ten hours! Let me repeat that for those in back of the room – TEN HOURS.IN.A.CAR with a 8-year old, my boyfriend’s mom, 2 dogs and the actual boyfriend.


So, since I know myself and I know that I will probably want to jump off the car (and my skin) in the first half-hour of the drive, I decided to convince Tom, that the best course of action for me all of us would be to split this trip up and do it in a 2-part, 5 hour drive.

Which means that I have to find a hotel, on the way, to take us ALL in.

Including the 2 dogs

Did I mention that Rufus weights what I weight?

Yeah, I thought so.

This is going to be hard

I have 22 days to stress over it.