My rock, my home, my heart and everything in between

25 Feb

Back on February 25th, 08′ I wrote this on a post:

“…Going on a date, not expecting anything, actually dreading it, since I was not on the mood for it, and having it turn into a 5 hour date, full of great conversation, lots of laughs, and the best looking hazel eyes I seen on a man yet.”

2 Days later I wrote this:

“Last night I went out on a date, with a man that does not fit the mold for my idea of a partner. And as I sat finding fault with everything in front of me, I felt that same light bulb moment that I did 5 years ago. I mentally shouted out “F*** it” and started to see everything that was right about him. Rather than give in to the fight-or-flight response that comes from my instinct to have the right person, in my mold, I suddenly found myself wanting the challenge of finding someone new, different than me, who can teach me new ways to evolve into a higher, more beautiful expressions of myself, realizing, embracing, and celebrating the beauty of having someone that may offer me not such a boring life.”

And for the past 2 years, I have been challenged in spades.

Today, Tom and I are celebrating our 730th day together as a couple. SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY!


That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

And those seven hundred and thirty days have been filled with laugher, tears, major freaked outs (mostly by me), 2 moves, lost of a parent, lost of a job (twice!), various trips by plane, by car. Holidays, Birthdays, minor freaked out’s (mostly by me) and everything else in between.

We have learned when to give each other space, when to pull each others weight, when to created united fronts and when to know to let each of us battle their own battles.

Our respect for each other has grown and multiplied. We have learned to trust and valued each others actions. Question our thoughts and share our ideas and dreams. We have fallen more in love (yeah sappy right?) with each other than ever.

He has taught me to be confident in reaching higher and be bolder in my every day choices because he will always be there to catch me no matter what.

He is the person I want to see all the time, be around all the time. The opinions that matter the most. He is the father I want for my children. He is the man I want to reach out to when I’m old and grey and in need of a hand.

He is my rock, my home, my heart and everything in between.

So, baby, here is to us. We made it this far, and I’m not afraid anymore to make it farther still.

Couplehood... still learning to navigate


Coveting a Dyson, and Cheese puff more than ever

22 Feb

Today marks the 9th day that I have not slept in my own bed. No, I have not moved out, simply put I been pet sitting a shit load of peoples dogs.

We need the extra “mula” and while I’m so grateful that I can do this (easy job) to get it, I miss my house, my bed and of course Tom. Not necessary in that order.

But, this week marks what I’m going to call the family-galorethon. Because Tom’s family has decided to leave their cold abode and head down to bask in our forty-degree weather. So, for the next 2 weeks we have 2 sets of family branches in our mist.

And I’m not complaining, because I love his family. I have come to adore them as I adore Tom. They are funny, gracious and have embraced me fully into their fold. And of course family duty calls – numerous get-togethers, dinners, outings and I would be the first one to enjoy all this activities except that adding that to the mix of someone that has not been sleeping in her own bed for the past 9 days can be a bit overwhelming.

In order words: I have freaked the hell up a couple of times in the last 3 days.

And poor Tom has paid the price. And since we need to put a spin on it, I have decided to morph into super woman and invite the family to not one dinner, not two, but three.

Because, I apparently love to walk on the wild side in order to push my limits.

Or we can also see Tom’s version which is “You are PLAIN CRAZY!”

So of course, as I write this, the mental list is growing by the second. Menus need to be set! Supermarket trips need to be scheduled! Cleaning patrol needs to be assigned! And just now I realized that I may have bitten more that I can chew on this one.

Because as I’m writing this post, all these random thoughts are popping up all over the place:

OMG, I don’t have 98% of the ingredients of the chosen menus
Shit, we still have not found the replacements rugs for the dinning room and the kitchen.
Which means we need to find time to visit stores around town and hope for the best.
When in the hell would I have time to go to the 4 different supermarkets?
I have rugs to purchase!
Damn it, we have to find the replacement filter for the vacuum cleaner.
When, can I fit THAT IN?
God, I wish we have a Dyson, this would be so much easier.
Why is the BFF beating me at Words with Friends?
Oh, wait, that is for ANOTHER post.
Do we have enough tables to sit all of those people up?
Crap! No, we do not. Add call the rental people to the list!
Is it 4pm already?
Damn it! No.its.not.
Why am I hooked on the Olympic curling game? It does not make sense, it’s a boring game!
I’m craving cheese puffs so badly right now.
Jesus, I forgot there are 2 vegetarians in the family, what the hell do I cook for them?
How in the hell would owing a Dyson make things easier?
I can’t remember if the vending machine sells cheese puffs.
I really don’t feel like going all the way to the other building to find out.
I need to relax the hell up.
Where is that rental people phone number??
Is it 4pm already?
Damn it! No.its.not.

A bit overwhelm may not be the right word at this point.

And Tom my be right, “Plain Crazy” may fit better

Chocolate Cake, Ball-less dog, photography. As you can see it’s an “All-over-the-place” post.

16 Feb

Did everyone have a good Valentine day? I bet it was full of lovey-dove words and breakfast in bed and chocolate boxes and all that jazz?

Good, then I can live through your experiences. Because, over at the P&C house, there was no flowers, no cards, no valentine activities going on around.  And you may think that we are a bad couple, not expressing our love to each other in such a special day. But, if you know me, and have read this blog for a while you know how I feel about Valentine Day in the first place. I still stand that there is no need to have a highly commercialized day to tell a person that they are loved. Tom and I do this everyday we are together, so Sunday to us was just a day like any other except that there was a lot of ball jokes (honoring the upcoming neutering of Rufus) and some baking.

The baking part is owed to my  baking club and we have to bake a cake twice a month, and my type “A” personality will not allow me to miss a deadline if my life depended on it. Even while my type “B” personality wanted to lay out on the couch all day and watch sappy, love movies and eat cheese puff.

In other news, I have been really working in expanding my other blog – Sweetbites. It has come to my surprise that I’m sort of good at it, specially the photography part of it. I been researching and reading and joining numerous photography blogs, and groups and let me tell you it has been such a welcoming group of people, ready to hand over tons of advice and tips and tricks. It has paid off. And let me shout it out, I LOVE THE INTERNET people! It’s just awesome.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words… at the beginning my food photography looked like this:

First food picture

Which some may say that is not bad… but have you seen some of the competition out there? Yep, they are some serious food photography out here!

So the bar was high.  And I want to reach that bar so the last couple of weeks have been filled with lots of research and lots of blog browsing and reading the camera manual and taking lots and lots of pictures, some good, some bad, some really awful. But, I think all that practice is starting to paid off.  The last photographs have come up like this:

That was the Valentine Cake I did last Sunday, Yummy don't you think?

Not bad eh? There are more samples here.

And remember the high bar, I may have join the ranks, because my photos are starting to be accepted here and here and finally here.

In the meantime I have set up shop in our laundry room which is starting to look a bit small with all the stuff we have in there.  Tom’s art corner, my desk, his music corner and now on top of it all, my photography mini-studio:

Please ignore the mess around this

Because no matter how many times they shout to use NATURAL light, it’s not always so sunny in Florida.  And like everything else in the world, the fake stuff needs to work too.

To win the war, you must be strong, steadfast and finally cut off the balls

9 Feb

For those joining in the fun around these parts late in the game, I live with the boyfriend (Tom) and his two dogs (Maggie and the dumb dog Rufus). I wrote about them before here and here

Go on, take a look, so you can be all caught up…I will wait. 

Ok, back? Good, lets move along. 

Anyhow, the dumb dog Rufus is almost 4 years old. His owner, being the man he is, decided that Rufus should be one big male dog. With his parts intact and all. Because the family jewels would eventually be put to use to sire a bunch of cute puppies that hopefully did not have the pee brain of their father. 

For those a bit lost in the analogy above, let me clarify: the dog still has his balls. 

And this will not be a problem if we live in something like this: 

God, I'm not a dog, but I will kill for this to be my backyard.


But we don’t, we live in the city, in a house that is 1,650 square feet, with a backyard, that for city standards is pretty big, but nothing compare to rolling green pastures that Rufus needs. 

The big dog likes it – most of the time. He roams, he barks, he sniffs and makes sure that every-single leave, tree, grass patch, twig is marked. And marked good. 

Because he is a dog – a MALE dog and that is what they do, when they have balls. 

And I’m good with this. 

Except that a bitch has come to the neighborhood and thus disrupted the dumb dog Rufus world.  Making him stand by the window to whimper and cry and howl, just like a typical male wanting to hump have something he can not have. 

But, what Rufus has found is the need to not only double mark everything OUTSIDE the house, but INSIDE as well. 

The targets of war, my friends in no particular order: 

The sofa in the living room
The living room rug
The pillows on top of the living room sofa
The kitchen loveseat
The kitchen rug
The kitchen pillows on top of the loveseat 

Yes, we are talking full frontal war. And we have sent in the following troops to hold the front lines: 

Oxy clean
Wet Vac
Lots of time
Washer & Dryer
And a lot of curse words not worthy of being told here, lest children are in the vicinity. 

Unfortunately, after much fighting we could not save all targets and have some casualties: 

The living room rug
The kitchen rug 

RIP guys! 

They did not make it. And I’m really, really pissed about it. 

So pissed that I told Tom that male jewels were full of crap and that before I raised the white flag I will send in the greatest troop for a sure victory. 

The dumb dog Rufus has an appointment on Monday to have his family jewels promptly cut off. 

White flag, my ass.  Not even this pretty face will make me divert from the set course: 

stand watch buddy, not for long!


Don’t know what is going on, but something IS and I’m totally LOST.

4 Feb

Let’s start off by saying that today I ordered lunch from Applebee’s … shrimp and I’m regretting it. In fact the whole past week I been regretting putting any type of food in my mouth, because voila, after a bit… It comes back up.

And no, before you jump in there with the most obvious speculations, I’m not pregnant (there is a silver lining people).

But, I’m something. I don’t know what it is, and I can not point at it and say, “oh, there it is, let’s fix it!” Because, right now, I’m pretty blocked in looking at the “Big picture”… There is no big picture right now, just a tiny, itzy-bitsy black hole, with a long way light at the end.  And I’m not seeing it.

Maybe it’s the impending need to start looking for a new place to live; maybe it’s the looming changes at work (that upper management is not telling you, but that anyone with a small IQ can figure it out) or maybe it’s just that we are very tight with money and I can not let loose and go buy a starbucks frappuccino because its NOT IN THE BUDGET to do so.

All I know is that I have all of this pent up energy that I need to GET OUT NOW or go crazy mad.

Then last night I found a way to do that, because last night I sat and watch the recorded season premire of “LOST” – what you are not watching it?

Go on, move along. You are dead to me.

So, for two hours I sat there and let out grumps and shouts and did lots of finger pointing. Because seriously… This season? It was promise that we WOULD GET ANSWERS! That we WOULD UNDERSTAND! That our 3 year commitment to confusion will be rewarded and everything will be somewhat clear.

They lied.

Because, now we have 2 realities to deal with and still have no clue what the hell is going on.  Leaving us with alot of pend-up emotions.

Sort of like my life right now.

Welcome to MY ISLAND.

All good things end – which SUCK!

27 Jan

Our landlord has informed us that he will be putting our rental house up for sale (the poor, poor man). So that means that in the next 4 months (if not, sooner) the following will be taking place in no particular order:

  • Mad dash to find another home to rent (or maybe buy, if all the stars aligned themselves)
  • Search for boxes in order to…
  • Pack, Pack and Pack everything up again
  • Loose our shit while packing up
  • Loose our shit with each other during the transition
  • Kiss and make up after loosing our shit
  • Re-decorate EVERYTHING AGAIN

Just writing this has me already exhausted.

I’m use to changes, and totally embrace them (I can say this, since during my early years, my mother moved us every single year, so I’m totally season to pack-and-go).  Tom, on the other hand, no so much.  He does not do well with the whole process. When we moved to this house it took him months to finally relax due to all the changes happening.  So you can image what this bit of news has done to his daily balance.  He is already edgy and we have not even started yet.

I think I’m going to have to start to practice the fine art of meditation, so we don’t kill each other in this process.

Anyone know of a rental out there?  EMAIL-US!

Light Weight

21 Jan

The past couple of weeks posting has been light around these parts mainly because my life seems to have come to a stand still. Nothing exiting to post, unless you would want to read about our dogs popping and cat’s fur balls episodes – OMG, the fur balls! And I know that you are not going to enjoy that.

Anyway, the other reason as been that I been sort of busy with this other project. Trying to get off the ground, and getting the word out there to the whole wide world.  I been enjoying it so much it has taken a front and center spot in my everyday day. Now I plan menus and recipes and then style the food and take pictures of the food. It has been exiting and it has opened a whole new world to me.  In simpler terms: IM HOOKED!

 And because the grapevine gossip at “the job” is dire and I need to start to think about how to counter act on what is sure to come. (I know I’m being a bit vague about this, but, I don’t want to be “dooced” out of my present job either. So I have to keep in the “down-low”). I need to start thinking of having a plan “B”.

The excitement I feel around food – the preparation, the cooking, and the tasting has me seriously thinking of pursuing a whole new career path.

And I know deep down it’s the time to do this.  And like anything new in my life I have to research it to death, weight on the pros and cons, make list and get the ball running. And the Internet has not disappointed me on helping me accomplish this. It has given me so much information that for the past weeks, I have spent way to much time reading, and writing and planning and making tons and tons of list. (My type A personality would like to thank you)

And that folks does not give me time to go out and make a fool of myself so I can have blogging material to post.

My life has become more boring than before. I got nothing to say. I got plenty to cook, and bake and photograph about. But, regular stuff – NADA.

So, yes, it has been light around these parts, but, I promise that it’s going to change (once I get my act together) and I’m sure that you all be waiting on the edge of your seats.